NEWS RELEASE October 24, 2008 Contact: Fred Karger 619-592-2008

Mormon Money Watch: Utah Mormons Gave $159,500 to Yes on 8 Campaign in Last 2 Weeks

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Mormon Power grab continues in California to eliminate same-sex marriage. Some big contributions have come into the Yes on 8 campaign in just the last 2 weeks in $1,000 and over amounts. Utah Mormons have given $159,500 just since October 10th. This represents 52% of the overall total of $307,840 that has come in from Utah Mormon families in over $1,000 increments alone. There have also been thousands of additional dollars in under $1,000 contributions contributed.

There are some well know Mormon names among the major contributors. Carol Smith of Murray, Utah gave $50,000 on October 17th. Jay Clark, a Salt Lake produce dealer gave $25,000 on October 13th. Brent Andrus, owner of Huntington Hotels of Park City, Utah gave $20,000 on October 16th. Katherine Carter of Salt Lake donated $15,500 on October 17th. Francis Magleby of Provo gave $25,000 on October 20th.

The Mormon Church has mobilized its members like never before in their quest to take over the Yes on 8 campaign. On June 20th, three days after same-sex marriage became legal in California, the top leadership in the Church, known as the First Presidency, sent a letter to be read to all Mormons to “do all you can to pass Proposition 8.” The Wall Street Journal reported on September 20th, that church members were told “their souls would be in jeopardy” if they do not donate money.
Peggy Fletcher Stack of the Salt Lake City Tribune did a great story on all the Mormon money coming into the Yes on 8 campaign:

And Rick Jacobs’ Courage Campaign has started a letter writing campaign to Mormon President-Prophet Thomas S. Monson called “Thou Shalt Not Lie.” Here is the link: According to their web site; “It is designed to “fight back against the lies and protect fundamental rights of Californians.”

For lots more coverage on the Mormon Power Grab, the Mormon Money Watch and many other stories on Californians Against Hate visit our blog:
Californians Against Hate will continue to monitor the money and other activities of the Mormon Church during the closing days of the campaign.
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