We present the Rights Equal Rights (formerly Californians Against Hate) Dishonor Roll. We want the country to know who gave the $40 million to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign that ended same-sex marriage in California. We have posted all major donors on our web site who gave $5000.00 and more, many much more! We™ve taken public information from the California Secretary of State™s Office and added telephone numbers and web sites when available. We also included commentary on some of the more interesting and controversial donors. Individuals and businesses gave a vast amount of money to take away our equality, and we want you to know who they are.

The Knights of Columbus
$1,425,000New Haven, CT

Headquarters: 1 Columbus Plaza, New Haven, CT 06510 Tel: 203.752.4000 Web: www.kofc.org/un/index.cfm
California: 15808 Arrow Blvd, Suite A, Fontana, CA 92335 Tel: 909.434.0460 Web: www.kofc-california.org

Knights of Columbus (Headquarters) gave: $250,000 on 2/4/08, $1,000,000 on 8/15/08 and $150,000 on 10/21/08

Knights of Columbus (California) gave: $25,000 on 4/18/08

Headquartered in New Haven, CT, the Knights of Columbus has 1.7 million members and is required to provide life insurance to its members. Founded in 1882, it acts as the political arm of the Catholic Church. It has given millions of dollars to fight stem cell research initiatives and to fund constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage across the United States. The Knights of Columbus is chartered as a fraternal benefit society and is set up as a 501(c)8 corporation.

Howard Ahmanson, Jr.,
$1,395,000Irvine, CA

P.O. Box 19061, Irvine, CA 92623-9061

Howard œHowie Ahmanson, Jr.™s company Fieldstead & Co. gave: $100,000 on 2/22/08, $200,000 on 2/29/08, $100,000 on 3/24/08, $100,000 on 8/26/08, $100,000 on 8/28/08, $300,000 on 9/25/08, $95,000 on 10/18/08, $250,000 on 10/27/08 and $150,000 on 10/22/08.

Fieldstead & Co. is a company owned by the heir of the Home Savings & Loan fortune, Howard œHowie Ahmanson, Jr. Ahmanson is a major contributor to numerous far right religious-political causes. His past association with R.J. Rushdoony™s controversial Christian Reconstructionist movement was an early influence on Ahmanson™s political viewpoint. Ahmanson has stated that his œgoal is the total integration of biblical law into our lives.

Referring to his close friend Rashdoony, Ahmanson is reported to have œnever supported his mentor™s calls for the death penalty for homosexuals, rather, as the Orange County Register reported many years later in 2004, œhe stops just short of condemning the idea, saying that he œno longer consider[s] [it] essential to stone people who are deemed to have committed certain immoral acts. Ahmanson and his wife Roberta completed a four part interview with the Orange County Register in 2004 in an attempt to clarify the rumors that swirled around them. Ahmanson has connections with three other major donors on this list: Roland Hinz, Robert Hurtt and Edward Atsinger III, who have pooled their money to support like-minded candidates and causes through the Capitol Commonwealth Group (CCG) and Allied Business PAC. They spent more than $3,600,000 back in the 1992 election cycle alone. [1]

John Templeton
$1,100,000Bryn Mawr, PA

300 Conshohocken State Road, Suite 500, West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Tel: 610.941.2828 Web:www.templeton.org and www.letfreedomringusa.com

John Templeton, Chairman and President of the John Templeton Foundation, gave: $450,000 on 8/19 (to NOM), $450,000 on 8/19 (to Protect Marriage), $100,000 on 10/8/08 and $100,000 on 10/29/08.

John Templeton, Jr. is the son of the late John Marks Templeton. John, Sr. was born in Winchester, Tennessee in 1912, and made his fortune through the Templeton Funds that he started and later sold in 1992 to Franklin Group for $440 million. John, Jr. is now the President of the John Templeton Foundation which has nearly $1.5 billion in assets, and gave away $70 million in grants in 2007. The Foundation funds research into œlife™s biggest questions, including science, religion, ultimate reality and wisdom.

John Templeton, Jr. founded and is Chairman of ˜Let Freedom Ring, Inc.™ (www.letfreedomringusa.com), a far right think-tank that he set up in 2004 with a $1 million donation. [14] He is a member of the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts of America, which made news when they were forced to leave their Philadelphia headquarters due to a conflict between Philadelphia™s non-discrimination policy, and that of the Boy Scouts, which allows discrimination of gays. Legal proceedings continue on the case. [12] [13]

The National Organization for Marriage
$1,041,134.80*Princeton, NJ

20 Nassau Street, Suite 242, Princeton, NJ 08542 Tel: 609.688.0450 Web: www.nomcalifornia.org andwww.nationformarriage.org

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) gave: $225,000 on 1/22/08, $38,132.50 on 2/1/08, $47,402.25 on 2/18/08, $172,500 on 2/21/08, $108,000 on 2/22/08, $105,000 on 3/7/08, $50,000 on 4/14/08, $25,000 on 4/18/08, $25,000 on 4/18/08, $100,100 on 4/24/08, $25,000 on 4/25/08, $20,000 on 7/30/08 and $100,000 on 10/21/08.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is headed by syndicated columnist Maggie Gallagher, President and Brian Brown, Executive Director. Gallagher has worked for several other organizations before founding NOM. She is best known for being in the center of a (George W.) Bush Administration scandal. She had a $21,500 contract with the Health and Human Services Department in 2002 to help promote the administration™s $300 million œhealthy marriage initiative, but did not disclose her contract and was using her column to promote the program. Gallagher attempted to withhold this information until she finally admitted the conflict four years later. [2]

Due to its sizeable early financial support of ProtectMarriage.com, NOM is chiefly responsible for the qualification of Proposition 8. Their funds made it possible to hire the signature gathering firm of Bader and Associates. Bader then was able to hire hundreds of professional petition circulators to collect the necessary signatures to qualify Proposition 8 for the November ballot. The Protect Marriage Campaign spent $1,227,263 with the Bader organization alone between January and June of 2008.

Alan Ashton
$1,000,000 on 10/28/08 Lindon, UT

Alan Ashton is the co-founder of Word Perfect Corporation and a former professor at Brigham Young University. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and a grandson of former LDS Church president David O. McKay.

Terry Caster & Family
$693,000San Diego, CA

A-1 Self Storage“4607 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA 92120 Tel: 800.219.4854 Web: www.a1storage.comand www.castergrp.com and www.servinghands.com

The Caster Family has given: Terry Caster“$100,000 on 1/5/08, $62,500 on 2/5/08 and $10,000 on 3/27/08; Barbara Caster“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Brian Caster“$10,000 on 1/28/08, $9,100 on 4/10/08 and $10,000 on 7/8/08; Candice Caster“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Cha Cha Caster“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Christina Caster“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Craig Caster“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Gary Davidson“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Justin Caster“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Kenneth Kremensky“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Mechele Kremensky“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Nick Caster“$9,100 on 4/10/08; Caster Family Trust“$400,000 on 10/30/08

The Caster Family owns A-1 Self Storage, with 40 locations throughout California. Terry Caster is quoted in the San Diego Union Tribune as saying without solid marriage you are going to have a sick society. Son Craig Caster is the Founder/Pastor of Family Discipleship Ministries in San Diego (www.familydiscipleshipmin.com). The Caster family has donated more to Proposition 8 than any other family in San Diego.

Robert Hurtt
$550,000Orange, CA

Container Supply Company“PO Box 5367, Garden Grove, CA 92846-0367 Tel: 714.892.8321 Web:www.containersupplycompany.com

Robert Hurtt, President of Container Supply, gave: $25,000 on 4/18/08, $25,000 on 7/22/08 (from Container Supply), $250,000 on 9/5/08 and $250,000 on 10/17/08.

Former California State Senator Rob Hurtt owns Container Supply Company in Garden Grove. Hurtt had a quick rise to power when he spent $300,000 of his own money to win an Orange County State Senate seat in 1994. Hurt went on to overthrow the Republican leader Ken Maddy in 1995, and become the Minority leader. He was defeated 3 years later in 1998 by Democrat Joe Dunn.

Focus on the Family
$539,643.66*Colorado Springs, CO

8605 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Tel: 800.232.6459 Web: www.focusonthefamily.com

Focus on the Family gave: $50,000 on 12/4/07, $22,259.46 on 1/22/08, $10,834 on 1/28/08, $50,000 on 4/7/08, $250,000 on 6/13/08, $20,000 on 7/24/08, $9,152.63 on 7/29/08, $1,669.37 on 8/6/08, $21,402 on 9/4/08, $4,306.83 on 9/4/08, $1,739.37 on 9/15/08 and $100,000 on 10/28/08.

Founded in 1977 by Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family is the most powerful evangelical ministry in the country. Focus on the Family is located in Colorado Springs, CO and is now run day-to-day by President & CEO, Jim Daly, but James Dobson is still the face and voice of Focus on the Family. Their 2005 budget was $129 million and they have 1,300 employees. They advocate creationism and have called same-sex marriage œthe most radical human experiment.

One of James Dobson™s more famous quotes: œCommunities do not let prostitutes, pedophiles, voyeurs, adulterers, and those who sexually prefer animals to publicly celebrate their lifestyles, so why should homosexuals get such privileges? Dobson receives lucrative royalties from the many books that he writes.

*Contributions to this organization also appear separately on this report.

The American Family Association
$500,000 on 7/22/08 Tupelo, MS

P.O. Drawer 2440, 107 Parkgate, Tupelo, MS 38803-2440 Tel: 662.844.5036 Web: www.afa.net

The American Family Association (AFA) of Tupelo, Mississippi was founded in 1977 by Donald E. Wildmon. He serves as Chairman and his son Tim is President. According to its web site, œAFA exists to motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth and traditional values. They are established as a 501(c)(3) Corporation and according to their IRS Form 990 for 2007, brought in $22.5 million. AFA owns over 180 American Family Radio stations in 28 states across the country. [3] AFA has led several national boycotts against companies such as Walt Disney (1996“2005)www.afa.net/disney Ford (2005) www.boycottford.comand just launched a boycott against McDonalds Corporation www.boycottmcdonalds.com all due to their support of fairness and equality for gays and lesbians. AFA is currently targeting the Hallmark Card Company because it began selling a same-sex wedding cards.

Claire Reiss
$500,000 on 10/30/08 La Jolla, CA

Reisung Enterprises
Elsa Prince
$450,000Holland, MI

Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation“190 River Ave, Suite 300, Holland, MI 49423 Web: www.frc.org

Elsa Prince gave: $200,000 on 8/8/08 and $250,000 on 8/14/08

Elsa Prince of Holland, Michigan is a board member of James Dobson™s Focus on the Family and their lobbying operation, the Family Research Council (FRC). Her late husband, Edgar, founded Prince Automotive and invented the lighted sun visor mirror which made them billionaires. Prince Automotive was later bought out by Johnson Controls. Edgar Prince was instrumental in creating the FRC and upon his death, Elsa Prince provided the money to build their new headquarters in Washington D.C. [8] At Edgar™s funeral, he was eulogized by James Dobson and Gary Bauer.

Prince™s son Erik serves as Vice President of the Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation, but is best-known as co-founder and CEO of Blackwater Worldwidewww.blackwaterusa.com the highly controversial private security company with federal contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan worth a reported $500 million/year. The Princes have a sprawling ranch in Cody, Wyoming not far from Vice President Dick Cheney™s principal residence in Jackson, WY. Over the years, Blackwater has been represented by high-profile lawyer Ken Starr. [9]

The Edgar & Elsa Prince Foundation is a major donor to the Alliance Defense Fund, whose other major donors include Prince™s daughter and son-in-law, Richard and Betsy DeVos (Richard is the son of the Co-founder of Amway) and the Bolthouse Foundation, whose founder, William Bolthouse, also appears on this list. [10]

Concerned Women for America
$409,000 on 9/26/08 Washington, DC

1015 Fifteenth Street NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005 Tel: 202.488.7000 Web: www.cwfa.org

Concerned Women for America was founded in 1979 by Christian Beverly LaHaye, wife of Christian Coalition co-founder Timothy LaHaye. The organization is a conservative Christian political action group that focuses on six œcore issues, which they view as Biblically-based. LaHaye was quoted in a 1987 interview with Ms. Magazine, œYes, religion and politics do mix. America is a nation based on biblical principles. Christian values dominate our government. The test of those values is the Bible. Politicians who do not use the Bible to guide their public and private lives do not beling in office. [21]

Hartford Holdings
$300,000 on 10/31/08 LLC, Provo, UT

John Dalton
$250,000 on 10/27/08 Yorba Linda, CA

J & L Consulting, Inc.

David Moon

$200,000 on 10/28/08 Alpine, UT

Esnet, Ltd.

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
$200,000 on 10/27/08 Washington, DC

The Vineyard Group, LLC
$160,000Mesa/Queen Creek, AZ

1223 S. Clearview Ave., Mesa, AZ 85209 Tel: 480.222.5800

The Vineyard Group gave: $25,000 on 6/23/08, $35,000 on 7/15/08 and $100,000 on 10/29/08.

The Vineyard Group is part of Cardon Hiatt Bowden, a real estate and investment company based in Mesa, AZ. Principals include Elijah and Craig Cardon, Broc Hiatt and Brent Bowden, many of whom were big financial backers of Mitt Romney for President. Broc Hiatt is a Director of the New York based Institute for American Values, where NOM founder Maggie Gallagher is an Affiliate Scholar.

Dorothy Nielson
$150,000La Verne, CA

Dorothy Nielson, a retiree of La Verne, CA gave: $150,000 on 8/8/08

Doug Manchester,
$125,000San Diego, CA

Manchester Financial Group“One Market Place, 33rd Floor, San Diego, CA 92101 Tel: 619.231.3800 Web:www.mresorts.com

Doug Manchester, Chairman of Manchester Financial Group, LLC, gave: $125,000 on 1/22/08

Among Doug Manchester™s many holdings are The Manchester Grand Hyatt and the 1 year old Grand del Mar Hotel, both in San Diego. His $125,000 early contribution to qualify Proposition 8 is now possibly the most famous political contribution in America. When it became public on March, 15th there were cries for a boycott of his hotels. Californians Against Hate along with Unite Here, Local 30 and many other gay and lesbian leaders officially called for a boycott of Doug Manchester™s hotels on July 18, 2008. www.boycottmanchesterhotels.com. The boycott has been highly successful, resulting in several conventions and meetings being cancelled and moved to competing locations.

Pacific Shores Masonry
$125,000 on 8/13/08 Corona, CA

Stephen Lang is owner of Pacific Shores Masonry. [11]“1369 Walker Ln., Corona, CA 92879 Tel: 951.371.8550

Mike Murray
$100,000 on 10/27/08 Redmond, WA

Crystal Springs Foundation

Michele Adams Watterson
$100,000 on 10/29/08 Cache, UT

Watermark Investments, LC

Roger Boyer
$100,000 on 9/17/08 Salt Lake City, UT

Boyer Company (www.boyercompany.com)

Katharine Garff
$100,000 on 10/29/08 Bountiful, UT

Belinda Vandersloot
$100,000 on 10/28/08 Idaho Falls, ID

Belinda Vandersloot is the wife of Melaleuca“The Wellness Company President and CEO Frank Vandersloot. Melaleuca (www.melaleuca.com) is one of the world™s largest online and catalog retailers offering wellness products to its customers, who also enjoy the benefits of community membership.

Matthew S. Wheelwright
$100,000 on 9/11/08 Bakersfield, CA

Wheelwright Consulting, Consultant

Joseph Moran
$100,000 on 9/24/08 Los Altos, CA


$100,000 on 9/23/08 Brea, CA

Kelvin H. Moss
$100,000 on 9/10/08 Granite Bay, CA

KH Moss Company, Investor

William Bolthouse
$100,000 on 4/3/08 Bakersfield, CA

The Bolthouse Foundation“2000 Oak Street, Suite 200, Bakersfield, CA 93301-3058 Tel: 661.334.1915 Web:www.thebolthousefoundation.org

William Bolthouse, Jr. and his wife created the Bolthouse Foundation œto glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by supporting charitable and religious organizations whose ministry, goals, and operating principles are consistent with evangelical Christianity as described in The Bolthouse Foundation Statement of Faith. [17] He was made wealthy through his family business, Bolthouse Farms, the 2nd largest producer of carrots in the world. He helped expand the business into beverages and salad dressings, and in 2005 sold 72% of the business to Madison Dearborn Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm. 28% of Bolthouse Farms is now owned by Bolthouse™s daughter and son-in-law, Andre Radandt, who is the company™s Chairman. Bolthouse Farms recently took significant steps to demonstrate that it is committed to diversity, including those in the LGBT community. They recently extended medical benefits to same sex partners of employees, and have given generously to several national and California LGBT organizations.

Donald G. Laws
$100,000Laguna Beach, CA

N. American Health Care, 3 Monarch Bay Plaza, Suite 203, Dana Point, CA 92629 Tel: 949.240.2423 Web:www.nahci.com

Donald G. Laws, Director with North American Health Care Inc, gave: $100,000 on 8/13/08
North American Health Care, Inc. contracts on a formal and informal basis with health care providers in the Western United States. It owns nursing homes and long term health care facilities.

Steve Samuelian
$100,000 Laguna Beach, CA

Generations Health Care Corporate Office“20371 Irvine Ave, Suite 210, Santa Ana Heights, CA 92707 Tel: 724.241.5600 Web: www.lifegen.net

Stephen Samuelian, owner of Generations Health Care [15], gave: $100,000 on 8/20/08

Generations Health Care owns and operates nursing homes and long term health care facilities. Samuelian, a Mormon Bishop in Laguna Beach, CA, has also been involved in two court cases, one in which he was accused of fraudulently taking funds from Covenant Care, a home nursing company, and using them to build his Laguna Beach home. The case was settled for an undisclosed amount in January 1999. [20] His political donations include support of Mitt Romney for President in 2007.

Armour Properties CV, LLC
$75,000Newport Beach, CA

20320 Southwest Birch St, Newport Beach, CA 92660-1787 Tel: 949.757.0505

Armour Properties CV, LLC gave: $75,000 on 8/30/08; Jeffrey Armour also gave $20,000 in 1996 to Americans United to Preserve Marriage 527, in Virginia. [19]

Larry Smith
$67,000Newport Beach, CA

M H I Real Company“1601 Dove St., Newport Beach, CA 92660 Tel: 949.955.1191

Larry Smith, an Executive with M H I Real Co. in Newport Beach, CA gave: $25,000 on 4/24/08 and $42,000 on 7/25/08

MHI Real Co is a crude oil mining production/investment company.

Richard P. Spencer
$60,000 on 9/19/08 Big Sur, CA

Dick Spencer & Associates, Investments

Alejandro J. Martinez
$50,000 Capistrano Beach, CA

Self Employed/Consultant

Alejandro Martinez gave: $9,999 on 8/20/08 and $40,001 on 9/10/08

Don R. Flora
$50,000 on 9/8/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Alphadon Accounting

Judy Galorath
$50,000 on 9/8/08 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

S. Lee Ross
$50,000 on 9/10/08 Glendale, CA

American Energy Corporation, CEO

Loretta R. Allred
$50,000 on 9/19/08 Atherton, CA

Allerd Investors

Wilde Investments SC, LLC
$50,000 on 9/18/08 San Carlos, CA

Peter Ochs
$50,000 on 9/10/08 Corona del Mar, CA

The Fieldstone Corporation, Chairman

Dale Brown
$50,000 Midland, TX

Petroleum Strategies“303 W. Wall St., Suite 1500, Midland, Texas 79701 Tel: 432.682.0292 Web:www.petroleumstrategies.com and www.legacylp.com

Dale Brown, President of Petroleum Strategies gave: $50,000 on 8/4/08

Dale Brown is President of Petroleum Strategies; a Texas based Qualified Intermediary for tax-deferred, like-kind exchanges. Brown is also on the Board of Legacy Reserves LP, a publicly traded oil company (NASDAQ: LGCY) where his son Cory is the CEO and Chairman of the Board. Dale Brown is a major contributor to the Campaign for Working Families, an organization headed by far right leader Gary Bauer.

Roger Orton
$50,000 Sacramento, CA

Roger Orton of Sacramento gave: $50,000 on 8/18/08

Roger Orton is generally unknown politically. His only other political contributions were $450 to Tom McClintock for CA Lt. Governor and $200 to Sacramento area Congressman John Doolittle (R-Roseville).

Roger Benson
$50,000 La Jolla, CA

7550 Hillside Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037

Roger Benson of La Jolla gave: $50,000 on 1/31/08

Joshua Baker
$50,000 Manchester, MO

BioCold Environmental“239 Seebold Spur, Fenton, MO 63026 Tel: 636.349.0300 Web: www.biocold.com

Joshua Baker, a Manager for BioCold Environmental, gave: $50,000 on 5/23/08
BioCold Environmental is a leading supplier of environmental rooms and environmental chambers, with products including walk-in cold rooms and stability rooms for pharmaceutical companies.

Gerald Simonsen
$50,000 Poway, CA

RM Properties“14105 Biscayne Pl., Poway, CA 92064

Gerald Simonsen, President of RM Properties gave: $50,000 on 4/12/08
Mr. Simonsen has previously given little money to other political campaigns except for $2100 to Mitt Romney for President in 2007 and $1400 to the San Diego Lincoln Club.

Claudia P. Quist
$45,000 Sunnyvale, CA

Claudia Quist gave: $5,000 on 8/29/08 and $40,000 on 9/5/08

R. Scott Jones
$45,000 Riverside, CA

Bosco Legal Services“9455 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA 92503 Tel: 951.353.8281 Web: www.boscolegal.org

R. Scott Jones, an Investigator with Bosco Legal Services, gave: $45,000 on 8/27
Bosco Legal Services include court document filing, document shredding, investigators and mobile photocopying.

Richard Patterson
$40,000 Folsom, CA

Intel“2200 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054-1549 Tel: 408.765.8080 Web: www.intel.com

Richard Patterson, Finance Specialist for Intel, gave: $40,000 on 8/25/08
Richard Patterson is a Finance Specialist for Intel. He attended Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, UT,www.byu.edu.

Law Offices of Charles S. LiMandri
$37,000 Rancho Santa Fe, CA

P.O. Box 9120, 16236 San Dieguito Road Suite 3-15, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Tel: 858.759.9930 Web:www.limandrilaw.com

The Law Offices on Charles S. LiMandri gave: $10,000 on 1/28/08 and $27,000 on 4/28/08
Charles S. LiMandri is a self-described œcar accident attorney according to his web sitewww.limandrilaw.com. Among his many cases, Mr. LiMandri sued the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, AZ and on March 15, 2005 he won. His client was awarded $2,376,189 in damages. [6] LiMandri, who lives and works in Rancho Santa Fe, recently hosted a Yes on 8 fund-raiser at his estate. He is the general counsel to the Yes on 8 campaign, and was paid $10,000 through the campaign according the California Recipient Committee Campaign Statement (State Form 460) dated 4/1/08 “ 6/30/08.

Sandra Loesch,
$35,000 on 9/9/08 Gilroy, CA


Andrew Pugno
$35,000 Folsom, CA

Law Offices of Andrew Pugno, 101 Parkshore Dr, #100, Folsom, CA 95630-4726 Tel: 916.608.3065 Web:www.pugnolaw.com

Andrew Pugno, Attorney at the Law Offices of Andrew Pugno gave: $35,000 on 4/28/08
The Law Offices of Andrew Pugno have been paid over $88,000 for their services relating to the Yes on 8 campaign.

Adamo Construction Management
$35,000 Lakeside, CA

11980 Woodside Ave, Suite 5, Lakeside, CA 92040 Tel: 619.390.6706 or 800.554.6364 Web:www.adamoconstruction.com

Adamo Construction Management gave: $25,000 on 1/28/08 and $10,000 on 6/20/08
Adamo Construction Management is a very large commercial/industrial design, construction and general contractor firm located in San Diego. The current President/CEO is Michael Gaetke, and the company was founded by James Adamo, Jr. Their clients have included Qualcomm, Honeywell, ITT Industries, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, as well as several municipalities, religious organizations, and the Department of Defense.

Lee A. Whatcott
$34,999 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Lee Whatcott gave: $9,999 on 8/25/08 and $25,000 on 9/4/08

Wilma Thomas
$32,500 on 9/10/08 Dublin, CA

Stephanie S. Sorensen
$30,000 on 9/15/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Michael Minson
$30,000 Modesto, CA

Minson Commercial Services, Real Estate

Michael Minson gave: $5,000 on 8/28/08, $15,000 on 9/6/08 and $10,000 on 9/6/08

Cal Fruit International
$30,000 Yuba City, CA

Cal Fruit International gave: $5,000 on 9/3/08 and $25,000 on 9/8/08

Sharon Bogh
$30,000 Yucaipa, CA

Sharon Bogh gave: $25,000 on 9/4/08 and $5,000 on 9/4/08

David G. Nielson
$30,000 Roseville, CA

The Alliance of Insurance Agents & Brokers, Executive Director

David Nielson gave: $25,000 on 9/8/08 and $5,000 on 8/14/08

Bob Sundstrom
$30,000 on 9/15 San Jose, CA

Intuitive Surgical, Director

Nancy L. Saunders
$30,000 Los Altos, CA

Netapp, HR Operations

Nancy Saunders gave: $25,000 on 9/11/08 and $5,000 on 9/11/08

David Christensen
$30,000Alamo, CA

Nearon Enterprises, Executive“500 La Gonda Way, Suite 210, Danville, CA 94526 Tel: 925.743.3300

David Christensen gave: $5,000 on 8/11/08 and $25,000 on 9/2/08

David S. Christensen, an executive with Nearon Enterprises, has been with the company since May, 1993. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Planning from Brigham Young University, and serves as a trustee and is a member of the board of directors with Nearon.

San Diego Rock Church
$25,679.16 on 4/22/08 San Diego, CA

2277 Rosecrans St., San Diego, CA 92106 Tel: 619.226.7625 Web: www.therocksandiego.org

Pastor Miles McPherson leads the San Diego Rock Church located near Pt. Loma. According to their website: œThe vision of the Rock Church is to be a powerful evangelistic force that engages every segment of society as a motivated army of believers in Jesus Christ. We are wholeheartedly committed to using our gifts anywhere at any time to share the gospel while influencing and transforming our society.

Amy E. Johnson
$25,500 on 8/29/08 Encinitas, CA

Robert Hoehn
$25,000 Carlsbad, CA

Hoehn Motors“5475 Car Country Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Tel: 760.438.4454 Web: www.hoehnmotors.com

Robert Hoehn, President of Hoehn Motors in Carlsbad, CA gave: $25,000 on 2/8/08
Hoehn Motors has 6 large car dealerships located along the 5 freeway in Northern San Diego County: Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi, Infiniti, Acura and Honda. Mr. Hoehn was one of the earlier backers of Proposition 8, and has had a demonstration in front of his dealerships that was organized by the North County LGBT Coalition.www.northcountylgbtcoalitionforce.org

Willis Hamilton
$25,000Orange, CA

Hamilton Materials“345 West Meats Avenue, Orange, California 92865 Tel: 714.637.2770 Web:www.hamiltonmaterials.com

Willis Hamilton, President of Hamilton Materials gave: $25,000 on 7/25/08
Hamilton Materials is a company specializing in drywall finishing products. Founded in 1959, Willis Hamilton was a professional applicator who slowly used his skills to build the business.

Mark Hobbins
$25,000 Trabuco Canyon, CA

FamilyIQ.com“31441 Santa Margarita Parkway Suite A, Box# 314, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 Tel: 888.249.9596 Web: www.FamilyIQ.com

Mark Hobbins, Founder of www.FamilyIQ.com, gave: $25,000 on 7/23/08

Mark Hobbins founded www.FamilyIQ.com in 1997. They offer e-learning courses for a variety of life improvement issues, including improving relationships with family, friends, partners/spouses and self-improvement.

Kenneth Eldred
$25,000Portola Valley, CA

Living Stones FDTN“3000 Sand Hill Rd., Building 1, Suite #145, Menlo Park, CA 94025 Tel: 650.561.0003 Web:www.lsfoundation.org

Kenneth Eldred, CEO of Living Stones FDTN gave: $25,000 on 4/24/08

Kenneth Eldred is CEO of Living Stones Foundation. According to their website: The Living Stones Foundation Charitable Trust is said to exist to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by providing financial and strategic resources to projects that lead to self-sustaining Kingdom-building ministries, where support will leverage the success of the whole body of Christ. Areas of interest include Kingdom Business, Family Values, and regional, national, and global Transformation initiatives.

Dale Broome
$25,000Redlands, CA

Loma Linda Radiology Medical Group, Loma Linda University/Medical Center RAD“11234 Anderson St, Suite B6231, Loma Linda, CA 92354 Tel: 909.558.4394 Web:www.ucomparehealthcare.com/

Dale Broome, Head of Radiology, Abdominal Imaging, Loma Linda University gave: $5,000 on 2/22/08 and $20,000 on 5/19/08

Alan H. Anderson
$25,000 Laguna Beach, CA

South Coast Health Care, Bel Vista Convalescent Hospital“5001 East Anaheim St., Long Beach, CA 90804-3296 Tel: 562.494.5001 Web: www.belvista.com

Alan H. Anderson with South Coast Health Care gave: $25,000 on 8/14/08
Alan H. Anderson is also Administrator for Bel Vista Convalescent Hospital in Long Beach, CA. His prior political contributions include $1,000 to Mitt Romney for President.

Richard & Doreen S. Kopf
$25,000Alamo, CA

Fremont Group Management, LP, Attorney

Richard Kopf, Managing Director-Operations, General Counsel and Secretary with Fremont Group Management, LP gave: $12,500 on 8/29/08; Doreen Kopf gave: $12,500 on 8/29/08

Richard Kopf previously served as Assistant General Counsel at Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corporation and as a General Counsel at Sprint Communications.

Lassen™s Health Food
$25,000 on 9/15/08 Ventura, CA

Lassen™s Natural Foods & Vitamins“4071 East Main Street, Ventura, CA 93003 Tel: 805.644.6990 Web:www.lassens.com

David Zuniga
$25,000Riverside, CA

Fiberco General Construction, Inc.

David Zuniga, a contractor from Fibercui General Construction, Inc., gave: $25,000 on 8/29/08

Robert N. Packer
$25,000 on 8/15/08 Lafayette, CA

Sarah P. Harris
$25,000 on 8/8/08 Danville, CA

Dran May-Reese
$25,000 Escondido, CA

Dran May-Reese, a Homemaker from Escondido, gave: $25,000 on 8/27/08

Sherrie Bell
$25,000 on 9/17/08 Tulare, CA

Maurice Lam
$25,000 on 9/11/08 Rolling Hills, CA

Maurice Lam, MD & Associates, Physician

Malinda Hansen
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Pasadena, CA

Joseph J. Grigg
$25,000 La Canada, CA

American Energy Operations, CEO

Joseph Grigg gave: $9,900 on 8/4/08 and $15,100 on 9/11/08

Edward Helvey
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Gilroy, CA

NMHCS, Executive

Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corporation
$25,000Costa Mesa, CA

Bradford Rowley, CEO

Bradford Rowley gave: $5,000 on 9/10/08 and $20,000 on 9/10/08

Alan L. Olsen
$25,000 on 9/11/08 Fremont, CA

Groco, CPA

Anita S. Roundy
$25,000 on 9/5/08 Saratoga, CA

Sarah P. Harris
$25,000 on 8/8/08 Danville, CA

Firoz Husein
$25,000 on 9/19/08 Pebble Beach, CA

Span Construction & Engineering, Inc., Engineer

Alan H. Anderson
$25,000 on 8/14/08 Laguna Beach, CA

South Coast Health Care, Administration

Barbara Lamprecht
$25,000 on 9/8/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Cheryl D. Smith
$25,000 on 9/8/08 Saratoga, CA

Christianne Danielson
$25,000 on 9/2/08 Santa Monica, CA

Chuck Schreiber
$25,000 on 9/9/08 Laguna Hills, CA

KBS Realty Advisor, Investments

Dalton Corporation
$25,000 on 9/5/08 Los Angeles, CA

David A. Nearon
$25,000 on 9/8/08

Alta Leaseback Co., Attorney

Emma Lou Beecroft
$25,000 on 9/4/08 San Diego, CA

Robert N. Packer
$25,000 on 8/15/08 Lafayette, CA

David G. Lindahl
$25,000 on 9/8/08 San Clemente, CA

National Purchasing Corp, Vice President

H.D. Perrett
$25,000 on 9/8/08 Santa Maria, CA

Perrett Ranches, Rancher

Fred L. Carpenter
$25,000 on 9/8/08 La Crescenta, CA

Glenwood Financial Group, Inc., Real Estate

J. Kirk Harns
$25,000 on 9/8/08 Perris, CA

Pacific Hydrotech Corp., Engineer

Jack R. Wheatley
$25,000 on 9/2/08 Palo Alto, CA

Jan L. Burch
$25,000 on 9/4/08 Las Vegas, NV

Richard D. Piquet
$25,000 on 9/8/08 Perris, CA

Rooda, Piquet & Bessee, Accountant

Kay A. Goodman
$25,000Tustin, CA

Kay Goodman gave: $20,000 on 9/2/08 and $5,000 on 8/4/08

John D. Tanner
$25,000 on 9/2/08 Granite Bay, CA

Tanner Industries, Owner

John D. Tanner, is owner of Tanner Industries and Western Single Ply in California, Nevada and Arizona. Tanner graduated from Brigham Young University, and served within the LDS Church as manager of physical facilities and new construction within the Church™s welfare systems.

Pro-Tech Fire Protection
$25,000Sacramento, CA

8540 Younger Creek Dr. #2, Sacramento, CA 95828 Tel: 916.388.0255

Pro-Tech Fire Protection gave: $5,000 on 9/8/08 and $20,000 on 9/4/08

Pro-Tech Fire Protection was co-founded by Donald H. Gordon, President and Mark A. Whittaker, CEO.

Robert Cutler
$25,000 on 9/8/08 San Diego, CA

Robert E. Greene
$25,000 on 9/4/08 Villa Park, CA

Robert A., Bolingbroke
$25,000 on 9/5/08 Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Sherri Jackman
$25,000 on 9/4/08 Whittier, CA

SRS Insurance Services
$25,000Santa Ana, CA

SRS Insurance Services gave: $5,000 on 8/8/08 and $20,000 on 9/5/08

Tulare County Investments, LLC
$25,000Camarillo, CA

Tulare County Investments gave: $5,000 on 8/22/08 and $20,000 on 9/11/08

Sunstone Partners, LLC
$25,000Camarillo, CA

Sunstone Partners gave: $5,000 on 8/29/08 and $20,000 on 9/5/08

Tammilee Woodhouse
$25,000 on 9/4/08 La Canada, CA

William C. Wilcox
$25,000 on 9/5/08 Danville, CA

Darlene Olson
$25,000 on 9/11/08 Orland, CA

Craig J. Faulkner
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Faulkner Development, Manager

Cheryl H. Wilde
$25,000 on 9/17/08 Ventura, CA

Chuck Schreiber
$25,000 on 9/9/08 Laguna Hills, CA

KBS Realty Advisors, Investments

J. Robert West
$25,000 on 9/17/08 Redlands, CA

West Dermatology, Dermatologist

Ja Layne Pugmire
$25,000 on 9/12/08 Yorba Linda, CA

Laurie Jergensen
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Poway, CA

Jaquetia Zinn
$25,000 on 9/24/08 San Jose, CA

Jeanne Muhlestein
$25,000 on 9/17/08 Whittier, CA


Nancy Schindler
$25,000 on 9/17/08 Encinitas, CA

Norman E. Crum
$25,000 on 9/11/08 Stockton, CA

Valley Pacific Petroleum Services, Inc., Owner

Oi Lin Chen
$25,000 on 9/12/08 Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Sunrider International, Administration

Ronald Lakey
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Alta Loma, CA

JF Saca Company, CPA

Rebecca Jones
$25,000Wilton, WY

Rebecca Jones gave: $10,000 on 9/13/08 and $15,000 on 9/13/08

Parley J. Livingston
$25,000 on 9/24/08 Atherton, CA

PJMB Commercial, Property Management

Jana L. Mullen
$25,000 on 9/18/08 Alamo, CA

Joanne McColm
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Pleasanton, CA

Laura Armstrong
$25,000 on 9/24/08 Irvine, CA

Lonnie C. McCleve
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Gilbert, AZ

Greenfield Land Development, Construction/Development

Loren K. Carroll
$25,000 on 9/10/08 Kingwood, TX

Lorenzo N. Hoopes
$25,000 on 9/24/08 Oakland, CA

Michael G. Mullin
$25,000 on 9/11/08 Lomita, CA

Pacific Maritime Association, Longshore Foreman

Robert E. Culbertson
$25,000 on 9/17/08 Pleasanton, CA

BAE Systems, Electrical Engineer

Ronald Stone
$25,000 on 9/17/08 Modesto, CA

Stone & Associates, Real Estate

Rowland W. Day
$25,000 on 9/11/08 Newport Beach, CA


Stephen S. May
$25,000 on 9/12/08 San Luis Obispo, CA

Magnet Media, Owner

Steve G. Keithly
$25,000 on 9/11/08 La Mirada, CA

Whittier Mailing Products, Vice President

Susan P. Facer
$25,000 on 9/24/08 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Vicki Larson
$25,000 on 9/12/08 Pleasanton, CA

John Sorensen
$24,999.99 on 9/5/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

North American Healthcare, Executive

Sherie Samuelian
$24,999 on 9/19/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Teri L. Jones
$24,500 on 9/5/08 Saratoga, CA

Eva Ruiz
$24,000 on 9/12/08 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


Richard E. Nicholson
$23,500 on 9/17/08 Newport Beach, CA


Marc Barkdull
$22,500 on 9/15/08 Pleasanton, CA

PJMB Commercial, Inc., Real Estate

Hardester Family Partnership Investments
$22,500 on 9/24/08 San Jose, CA

Sandra M. Bertha
$22,000 on 9/11/08 Olivenhaim, CA

Whittier Family Foundation
$21,500 on 9/18/08 Yorba Linda, CA

Greggory R. Devore, MD, AMC
$20,000La Canada, CA

Greggory R. Devore, Physician. Greggory Devore gave: $5,000 on 8/25/08 and $15,000 on 9/15/08

Steven L. Bush
$20,000 on 9/15/08 La Crescenta, CA

Prestige Preschools, Inc., CEO

Sherwood Capital, Inc.
$20,000 on 8/18/08 Agoura Hills, CA

David L. Baker
$20,000 on 9/8/08 Thousand Oaks, CA

David L. Baker, DDS, Oral Surgeon

Rutherford Productions
$20,000 on 8/13/08 Santa Monica, CA

Dewitt Paul
$20,000 on 9/4/08 Santa Ana, CA

Cotton Buds, Executive/Owner

Dewitt Paul founded Cotton Buds in 1991, with the technology and equipment to manufacture cotton swabs. He has since partnered with Proctor & Gamble on various bath tissues, paper towels and detergents. Dewitt™s father was en Elder and addressed the student body at Brigham Young University on April 10, 1963.

Jennie L. Olsen
$20,000 on 9/8/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Gail A. Sonne
$20,000 on 9/18/08 Dublin, CA

Brent W. Koch
$20,000 on 9/24/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Management Strategy, Financial Consultant

Marilyn Allen
$20,000 on 9/18/08 Stockton, CA

T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.
$20,000San Diego, CA

9747 Olson Drive, San Diego, CA 92121 Tel: 858.558.1800 Web: www.tbpenick.com

T.B. Penick & Sons gave: $20,000 on 1/31/08

T.B. Penick & Sons is a fourth generation construction company currently run by brothers Marc and Tim Penick that specializes in Structural Concrete, General Construction and Innovative Concrete Systems. They have completed projects all around the world.

Daniel Mulvihill
$20,000San Diego, CA

Pacific Southwest Mortgage/Realty“8840 Complex Drive, Suite 101, San Diego, California 92123 Tel: 858.514.2100 Web: www.psrs.com

Daniel Mulvihill, President/Banker with Pacific Southwest Mortgage/Pacific Southwest Realty gave: $20,000 on 4/1/08

Pacific Southwest Realty is a commercial mortgage banking company based in San Diego, with offices in Orange County, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Margot Kyd
$20,000Poway, CA

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE)“P.O. Box 129831, San Diego, Ca 92112-9831 Tel: 800.411.7343 Web:www.sdge.com

Margot Kyd, Sr. Vice President with San Diego Gas & Electric (and married to Tom Kyd [16], below) gave: $5,000 on 4/1/08 and $15,000 on 4/1/08 (may have been removed)

Margot Kyd is Senior Vice President, Business Solutions, for Sempra Energy Utilities, the umbrella for Sempra Energy™s regulated business units, including Southern California Gas and SDG&E. Kyd™s responsibilities include overseeing environmental services, safety and emergency services, supply management, fleet services, diverse business enterprises, and real estate and facilities.

J. Robert Wheatley
$19,000 on 9/18/08 Palo Alto, CA

Robert Wheatley Properties, Property Manager

Dwayne Nash
$18,000 on 8/14/08 Lincoln, CA

Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing Company, Contractor“1905 Aviation Blvd, Lincoln, CA 95648 Tel: 866.530.2327

Robert Samuelian
$15,001 on 9/5/08 Laguna Niguel, CA


Douglas McDermott
$15,000 on 9/14/08 Sacramento, CA

McDermott Financial and Insurance“ 8359 Elk Grove Florin Rd, #293, Sacramento, CA 95829 Tel: 877.689.8251

Douglas McDermott is the President and Owner of McDermott Financial and Insurance. He is also part owner/CFO of a company called At Home Personal Care, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Williamson General Contracting
$15,000 on 9/12/08 La Mirada, CA

Jay Bradford
$15,000 on 8/8/08 Placentia, CA

Majesty Realty, CFO

Jay Bradford is CFO/Executive VP/member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for Majestic Realty, and is also affiliated with Majestic Realty Retail, Commerce Construction Co, LP, CCC Rental LP, Majestic Management Company and Majestic Realty Foundation. Prior to this, he was with Ernst & Young for 18 years. Bradford graduated from Brigham Young University/B.S in Accounting, and currently serves on the National Advisory Council for the Marriott School of Management.

Marina Landscape, Inc.
$15,000 on 9/25/08 Anaheim, CA

Leon J. Fairbanks
$15,000 on 9/12/08 Paso Robles, CA

Red Caboose Manufacturing

Michael R. Brand
$15,000 on 9/15/08 Palo Alto, CA

Cornish & Carey, Realtor

Richard L. Romney
$15,000 on 9/15/08 Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Craig L. Gillespie, M.D.
$15,000 on 9/8/08 Fairfield, CA

Joan N. Johnson
$15,000 on 9/18/08 Los Osos, CA

The Fourels Investment Company
$15,000 on 9/15/08 Orange, CA

Tom Kyd Poway, CA
$15,000 on 4/23/08

Catholic Exchange“P.O. Box 231820, Encinitas, CA 92023 Web: www.catholicexchange.com

The Catholic Exchange is a conservative portal with a significant web presence, which offers news, weekly Scripture study programs, articles and email programs.

Proposition 22 Legal Defense Fund
$15,000 on 3/14/08 Sacramento, CA

These are apparently left over funds from their unsuccessful court challenge to Proposition 22, The Knight Initiative.
Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, McLean, VA

Post Office Box 1231, Manassas, VA 20108 Tel: 202.216.9430 Web: www.marriagedebate.com
$15,000 on 1/28/08

NOM™s Maggie Gallagher also heads the Virginia-based Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, which is dedicated to efforts that define marriage between only a man and a woman.

Terri Basinger
$14,985Cottonwood, CA

Golden State Foot Clinic“923 Dana Drive, Redding, CA Tel: 530.221.1666 Web:www.goldenstatefootclinic.com

Terri Basinger, a Bookkeeper at Golden State Foot Clinic, gave: $10,000 on 7/28/08 and $4,985 on 8/4/08
Terri Basinger is married to Dr. Robert G. Basinger of Golden State Foot Clinic. Golden State Foot Clinic serves the Northern Sacramento Valley near Red Bluff and Redding.

Richard McIntire
$13,500 on 8/29/08Porterville, CA

Pamela Miles
$12,500 on 9/8/08 Simi Valley, CA

Home Care Pharmacy, Clerk

Roland Hinz
$12,500Valencia, CA

Hi-Torque Publications“25233 Anza Dr., Valencia, CA 91355 Tel: 661.295.1910 Web: www.hi-torque.com

Roland Hinz, President of Hi-Torque Publications, gave: $12,500 on 4/7/08
Hi-Torque Publications is the world™s leading publisher of off-road, motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle magazines, with a readership of over 2 million per month.

Edward Atsinger
$12,500Camarillo, CA

Salem Communications“4880 Santa Rosa Road, Camarillo, CA 93012 Tel: 805.987.0400 Web: www.salem.com

Edward G. Atsinger III, CEO with Salem Communications gave: $12,500 on 4/3/08

Salem Communications is a leading US radio broadcaster, Internet content provider and magazine and book publisher targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values. They own and operate nearly 100 radio stations across the country.

Allyson Weinberg
$12,500Santa Rosa Valley, CA

Allyson Weinberg gave: $12,500 on 4/4/08

Allyson Weinberg has been in the limelight before. Back in 2004, Weinberg and her husband Denny (a senior executive for WellPoint, the nation™s second largest insurer at the time), sued the United Way of Ventura County, stating they were lied to about the United Way policy that forbade donations to any organization that discriminated against others. Due to the court ruling that allowed the Boy Scouts to discriminate against gays and atheists, the United Way chose to no longer support them as their own guidelines prohibited such support based on discrimination. The Weinberg™s had agreed to head a nationwide campaign for United Way to find donors, as well as match donations, but when United Way chose to change its donation policies towards the Boy Scouts, the Weinberg™s, for a number of different reasons, decided to sue. [7]

Paul A. Stahlman
$12,000 on 8/29/08 Salinas, CA

Kent Miles
$11,800 on 9/8/08 Simi Valley, CA

Home Care Pharmacy, Pharmacist

Charles C. Stoddard
$10,500 on 9/25/08 Santa Rosa, CA

James Pergrossi
$10,180 on 8/18/08 Pleasanton, CA

Peter Leparulo
$10,001San Diego, CA

Novatel“9645 Scranton Road, San Diego, CA 92121 Tel: 858.812.3400 Web: www.novatelwireless.com

Peter Leparulo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer with Novatel gave: $10,001 on 1/24/08

Leparulo has served as Senior Vice President of Novatel, and became the CEO in April 2008. Novatel Wireless creates various wireless modems and computer accessories.

Kelly C. Olds
$10,000 on 9/13/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Carolyn Pann
$10,000 on 9/17/08 Jamul, CA

Arctic Containers, Owner

Kermit Corporation
$10,000 on 9/10/08 Jamul, CA

R. Jean Taylor
$10,000 on 9/9/08 Alamo, CA


Elisa Pulido
$10,000 on 9/17/08 San Juan Capistrano, CA

Cheryl A. Clarke
$10,000 on 9/24/08 Moorpark, CA

CS Concrete Solutions
$10,000 on 9/8/08 Mission Viejo, CA

Curtis B. Chandler
$10,000 on 8/29/08 Sacramento, CA

Allstate Insurance

Alma J. Kreutzkamp
$10,000 on 9/3/08 El Cajon, CA

Amanda Crane
$10,000 on 8/8/08 San Diego, CA

Larsen Golden Spoon, Owner

Melvin C. Bell
$10,000 on 9/19/08 Wilton, CA

Bell Tasty Foods, Owner

Anthony Ridd
$10,000 on 8/18/08 San Clemente, CA

Lifestyle Settlements, Owner

Barbara Lee
$10,000 on 8/11/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Blaine Bowman
$10,000 on 8/14/08 Saratoga, CA

Brian B. Blatter, DDS
$10,000 on 8/8/08 Concord, CA

Cynthia L. Kenney
$10,000 on 9/2/08 Granite Bay, CA

Earl E. Damitz
$10,000 on 8/29/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Dana Munkelt
$10,000 on 8/22/08 San Diego, CA

GH Munkelt Trust, Buyer/Estate Adminstration

David S. Sorensen
$10,000 on 8/18/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Select Staffing, CEO

Howard W. Bennion
$10,000 on 9/8/08 Fairfield, CA

Pacific Coast Steel, Iron Worker

Dawna J. Evans
$10,000 on 8/20/08 Groveland, CA

Dannee L. Clyne
$10,000 on 9/4/08 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Darin Hazen
$10,000 on 8/20/08 Ladera Ranch, CA


Eliot Mason
$10,000 on 8/26/08 Huntington Beach, CA

US Wheel Corp., President

Garry Pace
$10,000 on 8/4/08 Thousand Oaks, CA

Bernstein Global Wealth Mgmt., Financial Advisor

Emaleti Mokofisi
$10,000 on 8/8/08 Kaneohe, HI

Kaneohe General Ser., President

First Global Marketing
$10,000 on 8/22/08 Provo, Utah

Gary D. Green
$10,000 on 9/4/08 Fountain Valley, CA

Timec Company, Inc., Executive

Gibson Jon
$10,000 on 8/21/08 Cameron Park, CA

John Gibson Company, Owner

Gwenn H. Webb Pleasanton, CA
$10,000 on 8/29/08

Hal Renfro
$10,000 on 8/18/08 Glendale, CA

Hal Renfro Realty, Realtor

Hands On Billing LLC
$10,000 on 8/27/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Jennifer Jackson
$10,000 on 9/2/08 Corona del Mar, CA

Jerome D. Teney
$10,000Yuba City, CA

Tenney & Co, CPA

Jerome Teney gave: $5,000 on 8/27/08 and $5,000 on 8/14/08

Kelly C. Olds
$10,000 on 8/15/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Kenneth Baldwin
$10,000 on 8/8/08 Newbury Park, CA

Kevin Monson
$10,000 on 8/20/08 Fountain Valley, CA

Kevin Monson Attorney At Law

Neil Anderson
$10,000 on 8/8/08 Lodi, CA


Lois R. Bullard
$10,000 on 8/29/08 Cerritos, CA

Paul Sorensen
$10,000 on 8/8/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Select Staffing, Manager

Philip Carmack
$10,000 on 8/20/08 Santa Clara, CA

Nvidia Corp, Executive

R. Jean Taylor
$10,000 on 9/9/08 Alamo, CA


R. Dean Lang, DDS
$10,000 on 8/8/08 Valencia, CA

Matt Dalton
$10,000 on 8/18/08 Los Angeles, CA

Dalton Enterprises, Recycling

Thomas Busi
$10,000 on 9/5/08 Sutter Creek, CA

Firstcard ATM, Inc., Owner

Richard G. Olson
$10,000 on 8/8/08 Agoura Hills, CA

Naoter Care Services, President

Scott R. Flora
$10,000 on 9/3/08 Laguna Hills, CA

Alliance Mechanical Corporation, Construction

Robert Shepard
$10,000 on 9/15/08 Corona, CA

Pacific Shores Masonry

Mark R. Boud
$10,000 on 9/4/08 San Clemente, CA

Real Estate Economics, Real Estate Economist

Boud is a graduate of Brigham Young University, majoring in Economics and English.

Richard L. Thawley
$10,000 on 9/5/08 Lodi, CA

Richard L, Thawley & Associates, SP, Sales/Marketing

Brandon Ogden
$10,000 on 9/10/08 Newport Coast, CA

MCA, Auto Broker

Deborah S. Stapley
$10,000 on 9/24/08 San Juan Capistrano, CA

Dianne Olson
$10,000 on 9/11/08 Thousand Oaks, CA

Randall Huff
$10,000 on 9/25/08 Altadena, CA

Ivan V. Lauritzen
$10,000 on 9/15/08 Riverside, CA

Green Vision Partners, Sales

Karen Smith
$10,000 on 9/11/08 Moorpark, CA

Pamela Patterson
$10,000Folsom, CA

Pamela Patterson gave: $10,000 on 7/24/08

Kenneth Payton
$10,000Garden Grove, CA

Kenneth Payton gave: $10,000 on 6/30/08

Kelly Burt
$10,000San Diego, CA

Tres-Dac“9375 Customhouse Plz A-2, San Diego, CA 92154

Kelly Burt, Developer with Tres-Dac gave: $10,000 on 4/23/08

Gretchen Kieding
$10,000Solvang, CA

Gretchen Kieding gave: $10,000 on 6/27/08

Gary Pace
$10,000Thousand Oaks, CA

Bernstein Global Wealth Mgmt.“1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2150, Los Angeles, CA 90067-6123 Tel: 310.286.6000 Web: www.bernstein.com

Gary Pace a Financial Advisor with Bernstein Global Wealth Management gave: $10,000 on 8/4/08
Bernstein Global Wealth Management is an investment management/research firm with 18 offices throughout the United States.

Stephen Ridinger
$10,000Camarillo, CA

Evets Corporation“PO Box 1327, Camarillo, CA 93011 Tel: 949.361.2100 Web: www.musicdistributors.org

Stephen Ridinger, owner and President of Evets Corporation gave: $5,000 on 1/20/08 and $5,000 on 7/3/08
Evets Corporation is a distributor of musical equipment.

Alan Stock
$9,999 on 10/28/08 Plano, Texas


Alan Stock is the President and CEO of Cinemark (www.cinemark.com), one of the biggest theater chains the world. They have 414 theatres and 4,717 screens in the U.S. and Latin America.

Francis Longstaff
$9,999 on 8/8/08 Agoura Hills, CA

UCLA, Professor

Frank J. Gaughan
$9,999 on 8/25/08 Poway, CA

David H. Vanslooten
$9,999 on 8/18/08 La Canada, CA

Primecap Management, Investment Manager

Carolu Wilson
$9,999 on 8/18/08 Colfax, CA

Jill Vanslooten
$9,999 on 8/18/08 La Canada, CA

Boyd Jensen
$9,999 on 9/24/08 Riverside, CA

Garrett & Jensen, Attorney

Michelle Robinson
$9,999 on 8/13/08 Fountain Valley, CA

Megan Thomason
$9,999 on 8/10/08 San Diego, CA

Byron G. Wilson
$9,999 on 9/25/08 Colfax, CA

Lin D. Whatcott
$9,995 on 9/17/08 Maple Valley, CA

Da Vita, Accounting

Lorraine S. Hulme
$9,977 on 9/17/08 Los Gatos, CA

Constancy Trust
$9,950 on 9/11/08 Salt Lake City, UT

Sarah Gould
$9,900 on 8/27/08 Pacific Palisades, CA

Susan Lathrop
$9,900 on 8/11/08 Fremont, CA

Prosol, Inc.
$9,900 on 8/8/08 Murietta, CA

Jeffrey Wise
$9,900 on 9/2/08 Atherton, CA

Pro Solutions, Real Estate

Bruce A. Bitnoff
$9,900 on 9/2/08 Rescue, CA

World Pass Travel, Tour Operator

Kristin Corey
$9,900 on 8/8/08 La Canada, CA

John E. Brasher
$9,900 on 9/2/08 Newcastle, CA

Brasher™s Sacramento Auto Auction, Manager

Kathie Hansen La Canada, CA
$9,900 on 8/13/08

Jeffrey D. Holt
$9,900 on 9/19/08 Huntsville, UT

Goldman Sachs & Co., Investment Banker

John Hansen
$9,900 on 8/13/08 La Canada, CA

Glenwood Group, Investor

Jay Mooreland
$9,900Folsom, CA

Jay Mooreland, a Financial Advisor, gave: $9,900 on 7/28/08

Joseph Grigg
$9,900La Canada, CA

American Energy Operations, President

American Energy Operations“550 N. Brand Blvd, Suite 1960, Glendale, CA 91203-3381 Tel: 818.549.9993

Joseph Grigg gave: $9,900 on 8/4/08

American Energy Operations is an energy and gas utility company.

Jeffrey Wise
$9,900Atherton, CA

Pro Solutions, Inc., Real Estate“901 Coleman Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025 Tel: 650.326.8660

Jeffrey Wise of Pro Solutions gave: $9,900 on 9/2/08.

Jeffrey Wise is also owner of Wise Building Co. His previous political contributions include $2,300 to Mitt Romney in 2007.

Nancy Chantry
$9,800 on 9/3/08 Rancho Murietta, CA

Gina A. Vincent
$9,800 on 9/5/08 Pacific Palisades, CA

Joy N. Hulme
$9,677 on 9/17/08 Monte Sereno, CA


Kathryn C. Carter
$9,500 on 9/11/08 Salt Lake City, CA

Los Jardines, LLC
$9,500 on 9/4/08 Yorba Linda, CA

Louise Dalton
$9,500 on 8/8/08 Yorba Linda, CA

J & L Consulting, Owner

John Nagy
$9,500 on 8/13/08 Newbury Park, CA

Andrews International Security Services, Security

John Dalton
$9,500 on 8/8/08 Yorba Linda, CA

J & L Consulting, Owner

Noward Mankins
$9,500 on 8/14/08 Arroyo Grande, CA

R. Brooke Landscaping, Inc.
$9,500 on 9/2/08 Antioch, CA

Rebecca Hawkins
$9,500 on 8/21/08 Glendora, CA

Debbie Crandall
$9,000 on 9/25/08 Orange, CA

Heather B. Callister
$9,000 on 9/2/08 Martinez, CA

Ryan Crandall
$9,000 on 9/25/08 Orange, CA

Bio Medics, Manager

L. Dean Forman
$8,999 on 8/18/08 Colfax, CA

GFBB Benefits, Financial Advisor

Linda M. Forman
$8,999 on 8/18/08 Colfax, CA

Scott Roybal
$8,900 on 8/11/08 La Canada, CA

Sheppard Mullin, Attorney

Pinson Erin
$8,500 on 8/17/08 Billings, MT

Pechanga Resort, Gaming

Jennifer McKay
$8,000 on 8/21/08 Kaysville, UT

James D. Powell, DDS
$8,000 on 9/2/08 Palmdale, CA

Samuel McKay
$8,000 on 8/27/08 Kaysville, UT

Gene Lamoreaux
$8,000 on 8/8/08 Sunnyvale, CA

KLA Tencor, Engineer

Jared D. McCune, DDS
$8,000 on 8/21/08 Lompoc, CA

V. Lance Littlejohn
$8,000 on 9/8/08 Alamo, CA

West Coast Novelty Corporation, Manager

C. Jim Elam
$8,000Santa Ynez, CA

Agricultural Technology, Inc.“1168 Oak Glen Rd, Santa Ynez, CA 93460 Tel: 805.688.6475

C. Jim Elam, an Agricultural Consultant with Agricultural Technology, Inc., gave: $8,000 on 6/27/08

Jeremy Jergensen
$7,500 on 8/27/08 Riverside, CA

Palm Terrace Care Center, Administrator

Wayne Baldwin
$7,500 on 8/4/08 Newbury Park, CA

Pueblo Radiology, Executive

Fundet Foundation, Inc.
$7,500 on 9/8/08 Draper, UT

Claudia Hamilton
$7,500 on 8/8/08 Agoura Hills, CA

Elizabeth Jergensen
$7,500 on 8/27/08 Riverside, CA

Lori Gollyer
$7,500 on 9/10/08 La Canada, CA

Arthur Burke
$7,500 on 8/11/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Berman Development, CFO

Kevin Hamilton
$7,500 on 8/8/08 Agoura Hills, CA

American Holdings LLC, Executive

Kirk P. Christ
$7,500 on 8/8/08 Diamond Bar, CA

Hub International, Insurance Administration

Steve F. Smilanick
$7,500 on 8/27/08 Granite Bay, CA

S&S Commercial Fishing, Owner

Zion Foundation
$7,500 on 9/8/08 Draper, UT

Christopher K. Thompson
$7,200 on 8/25/08 Encino, CA

Investment Real Estate Association, Real Estate Agent

Mary Barrus
$7,000 on 8/22/08 Agoura, CA

Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital, Nurse

Kenneth L. Virgin
$7,000 on 9/5/08 Aliso Viejo, CA

Payables, Inc, CEO

Margot B. Sayer
$7,000 on 9/8/08 Santa Clarita, CA

Mark E. Bean
$7,000Rancho Cordova, CA

Health Net, Actuary

Mark Bean gave: $6,000 on 9/5/08 and $1,000 on 8/8/08

Elias Mancilla
$6,800 on 8/29/08 Riverside, CA

Valley Recycling Center, Owner

Christopher Dailey
$6,500Costa Mesa, CA

Advanced Joining Technologies“3030 Red Hill Avenue, Santa Ana, CA, 92705 Tel: 949.756.8091 Web:www.ajt-inc.com

Christopher Dailey, welder with Advanced Joining Technologies gave: $6,500 on 8/4/08

Advanced Joining Technologies was created in 2000 as a subsidiary of Boeing, and later was purchased back by the original founders. They are responsible for Boeing™s world recognized development and production implementation with the friction stir welding process.

Treavor Hodson
$6,025Folsom, CA

Palmer, Kazanjian, Wohl, Perkins“520 Capitol Mall, Suite 600, Sacramento, California 95814 Tel: 916.442.3552 Web: www.pkwp-law.com

Treavor Hodson, an Attorney with Palmer, Kazanjian, Wohl, Perkins, gave: $6,025 on 8/4/08

Treavor Hodson is an attorney with Palmer, Kazanjian, Wohl, Perkins in Folsom, CA. The firm specializes in all aspects of employment law litigation, including such areas of expertise as wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination and harassment and retaliation. Hodson also represents management in labor law cases before the National Labor Relations Board and similar state agencies including representation elections, unfair labor practice charges and hearings, collective bargaining negotiations, contract arbitrations and picketing and strikes.

Charles Stucki
$6,000 on 8/8/08 Coto De Caza, CA

Cisco Systems, Executive

Roland Spongberg
$6,000 on 8/21/08 Long Beach, CA

WKS Restaurant Group, President

Don D. Sessions
$6,000 on 9/22/08 Coto De Caza, CA

Sessions & Kimball, Attorney

Lisa Wheatley
$6,000 on 9/18/08 Los Altos Hills, CA

Robert Wheatley
$6,000 on 8/22/08 Los Altos Hills, CA

Robert Wheatley Properties, Manager

John Chandler, Allstate
$6,000 on 8/25/08 Gold River, CA

Christine Cooper
$6,000 on 9/8/08 Dublin, CA

C. Ray Carlson
$6,000 on 8/29/08 Valencia, CA

C. Ray Carlson, Attorney

Bryant Gold
$5,600 on 8/29/08 Ramona, CA

Advanced Bionics, Attorney

Paul A. Barney
$5,500 on 9/3/08 Ridgecrest, CA

China Lake Department of Defense, Electrical Engineer

Eric Loudon
$5,500 on 8/27/08 Corona, CA

Western Water Works, Director

U-Rent, Inc.
$5,200 on 8/13/08 Camarillo, CA

Kelly Furniss
$5,110 on 8/22/08 Yorba Linda, CA

Robert D. Crockett
$5,100 on 8/27/08 Newhall, CA

Latham & Watkins, Lawyer

Chris Vaterlaus
$5,075 on 8/15/08 Roseville, CA

Crescendo Properties, Real Estate

Tuskatella LB
$5,000Orange, CA

Tuskatella LB gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

Taxpayers for Hollingsworth
$5,000Sacramento, CA

2150 River Plaza Dr, #150, Sacramento, CA 95833

Taxpayers for Hollingsworth gave: $5,000 on 4/18/08

Senator Dennis Hollingsworth proclaims on his website (www.dennishollingsworth.com) he is œthe man the liberals fear most. Hollingsworth serves the 36th district, which includes portions of San Diego and Riverside Counties. He was elected in November, 2002, and served as President of the Proposition 22 Legal Defense Fund.

Strongtower Financial, Inc.
$5,000Fresno, CA

7120 N. Whitney, Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93720 Tel: 800.333.9893 Web: www.strongtowerfinancial.com

Strongtower Financial, Inc gave: $5,000 on 6/3/08

Strongtower™s primary services include financing and investing, which span direct lending and bond offerings for churches and other faith-based organizations, as well as investment advisory and wealth management for individuals and institutions.

Rita Soloman-Davis
$5,000El Cajon, CA

Southland Envelope“10111 Riverford Road, Lakeside, CA 92040 Tel: 619.449.3553 Web:www.southlandenvelope.com

Rita Solomon-Davis, Vice President of Southland Envelope, gave: $5,000 on 2/6/08

Richard Spencer
$5,000Carmel, CA

Dick Spencer & Associates, Investment Management

Richard Spencer gave: $5,000 on 5/19/08

Richard Clements
$5,000Elmwood, NE

Clements & Drevo“5901 South 58th Street Suite A, Lincoln, Nebraska 68516 Tel: 402.420.6443

Richard Clements, an Attorney for Clements & Drevo, gave: $5,000 on 5/24/08

Renae Tanner
$5,000Chino Hills, CA

Renae Tanner gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

Michael Farguson
$5,000La Jolla, CA

Farguson Investments“5859 Camino de la Costa, La Jolla, CA 92037 Tel: 858.456.5028

Michael Farguson, Owner of Farguson Investments, gave: $5,000 on 1/31/08

Michael Farguson is also a Board member of the MAGIS Institute, an association of Catholic business leaders and clergy founded in 2002.

Michael Dushane
$5,000Chino Hills, CA

Jam Corporation

Michael Dushane, a Contractor for Jam Corporation, gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

Marilyn Ishii
$5,000Upland, CA

Marilyn Ishii gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

M&D Development, LLC
$5,000Corona, CA

1296 Magnolia Ave., Corona, CA 92879 Tel: 951.271.0965

M&D Development, LLC gave: $5,000 on 6/10/08

Lilco, Inc.
$5,000Orange, CA

Lilco, Inc. gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

Lawrence Research
$5,000Santa Ana, CA

1450 North Tustin Avenue, Suite 150, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Tel: 714.558.3725 Web:www.exoro.com/pages/Lawrence_research.html

Lawrence Research gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

Lawrence Research is a full-service research firm specializing in public affairs issues and marketing. Owned by Gary Lawrence, the company offers a full line of research services, including telephone surveys, focus groups, video dial tests and specialty group research. Lawrence and former partner Dick Wirthlin got their start working for Ronald Reagan. He currently serves as the Area Grass Roots Coordinator of the Church of Latter Day Saints“Yes on 8 campaign yesonprop8.blogspot.com/2008/08/gary-lawrence-grass-roots-coordinator.html. Lawrence is also writing a book œHow Americans View Mormonism; Seven Steps to Improve Our Image. Check out his writings at:www.meridianmagazine.com/ideas/080711war.html

Jennifer Himes
$5,000Chino Hills, CA

Western Water Works“5831 Pine Ave., Chino Hills, CA 91709 Tel: 909.597.7000 Web: www.wwwsco.com

Jennifer Himes, in accounting at Western Water Works (Bruce Himes is President/CFO), gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08
Western Water Works is a distributor of waterworks materials and products that are used in the transmission of potable water. This is a third generation family business founded in 1945.

Ines Crosby
$5,000Orland, CA

Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians“1012 South Street, Orland, CA 95963 Tel: 530.865.2010

Ines Crosby gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

Ines Crosby is an Administrator with the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians, located in the Sacramento Valley west through the Coast Ranges of Northern California.

George Elledge
$5,000Bakersfield, CA

Occidental Petroleum“10889 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024-4201 Tel: 310.208.8800 Web:www.oxy.com

George Elledge, an Engineer with Occidental Petroleum Corporation, gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08
Occidental Petroleum is an international oil and gas exploration and production company formerly headed by Dr. Armand Hammer, with operations in the US, Middle East, North Africa and Latin America regions.

Douglas Brown
$5,000West Hollywood, CA

KWK Management, LLC“2301 Rosecrans Ave, Suite 4195, El Segundo, CA 90245 Tel: 310.536.8560

Douglas Brown, a Partner of KWK Management, LLC, gave: $5,000 on 6/20/08

David Walton
$5,000San Diego, CA

Coughlin, Stoia, Geller, Rudman & Robbins“655 West Broadway, Suite 1900, San Diego, CA 92101 Tel: 800.449.4900 Web: www.csgrr.com

Douglas Walton, an Attorney with Coughlin, Stoia, Geller, Rudman & Robbins, gave: $5,000 on 7/24/08

David Walton, an attorney with the San Diego law firm of Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP focuses on class actions and private actions on behalf of defrauded investors, particularly in the area of accounting fraud. Walton has investigated and participated in the litigation of many large accounting scandals, including Enron, WorldCom, AOL Time Warner, Krispy Kreme, Informix, HealthSouth, Dynegy, Dollar General and numerous companies implicated in stock option backdating. They have 9 offices across the country. Walton earned his Bachelor™s degree from the University of Utah and law degree from the University of Southern California. [18]

Aaron Speirs
$5,000 Bakersfield, CA

AERA Energy“10000 Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93311-1302 Tel: 661.665.5000 Web: www.aeraenergy.com

Aaron Speirs, Engineer at Aera Energy gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Aera Energy is one of California™s largest oil and gas producers, and is jointly owned by Shell and ExxonMobil. It is operated as a stand-alone company.

Bart Bennett
$5,000Newbury Park, CA

The Rand Corp.“1776 Main Street, P.O. Box 2138, Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138 Tel: 310.393.0411 Web:www.rand.org

Bart Bennett, researcher at the Rand Corporation gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Bart Bennett is a researcher/writer, and co-authored, œA Users Guide to the Technical Training Schoolhouse Method for the United States Air Force. The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through objective research and analysis.

Bradley Call
$5,000Newbury Park, CA

Bradley Call gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Charles Stoddard
$5,000Santa Rosa, CA

Charles Stoddard, a retiree, gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Christine Francom
$5,000Newbury Park, CA

Conejo Valley Unified School District“1400 Janss Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 Tel: 805.497.9511 Web:www.conejo.k12.ca.us/

Christine Francom, teacher at Conejo Valley USD, gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Conejo Valley Unified School District serves Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Westlake Village.

Daniel Faulk
$5,000Morgan Hill, CA

Crawford Pimentel & Co.“2150 Trade Zone Blvd. #200, San Jose, CA 95131 Tel: 408.942.6888 Web:www.crawfordpimentel.com

Daniel Faulk, a Director and CPA at Crawford, Pimental & Co gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Daniel Faulk is a CPA focusing on income tax planning, research and compliance, strategic business planning, corporate and retirement plan audits, expatriate tax and tax equalization issues, and high level AMT and ISO individual tax planning. Faulk has been with the firm since 1989.

Darcel Hulse
$5,000San Diego, CA

Sempra LNG“101 Ash Street, HQ 16, San Diego, CA 92101 Tel: 619.696.2000 Web: www.sempralng.com

Darcel Hulse, President and CEO of Sempra Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) gave: $5,000 on 8/1/08
Darcel Hulse leads the highly controversial Sempra LNG efforts to develop, build and operate liquified natural gas receiving terminals.

Darren Francom
$5,000Newbury Park, CA

360 Systems“31355 Agoura Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91361 Tel: 818.991.0360 Web:www.360systems.com

Darren Francom, Controller at 360 Systems gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

360 Systems designs, manufactures and markets innovative audio and video solutions primarily for the entertainment industry.

Darren Henderson
$5,000Irvine, CA

Merrill Lynch & Co, Global Headquarters“4 Financial Center, 250 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10080 Tel: 212.449.1000 Web: www.ml.com

Darren Henderson, an Investment Advisor at Merrill Lynch, gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Douglas Younberg Investments Inc.
$5,000Washington, UT

Douglas Younberg Investments gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Edward Griffith Irvine CA

Edward Griffith gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

George Brimhall
$5,000Polson, MT

George Brimhall, CEO of Akshun & Akshun, gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

James Gallagher
$5,000Chino Hills, CA

American States Utility Service“535 Anton Blvd., Suite 350, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Tel: 714.689.1188 Web:

James Gallagher, VP of Management Services at American States Utility Service, gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

American States Utility Services, Inc. is the leader in privatization of water and wastewater on military installations across the nation.

Janice Peterson
$5,000Chino Hills, CA

Janice Peterson gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Jeffrey M. Winter
$5,000San Diego, CA

Jeffrey M. Winter, Attorney at Law, gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Jerry Oliver
$5,000Murphys, CA

Jerry Oliver gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

John Fjerstad
$5,000McKinleyville, CA

Sutter Coast Hospital“418 9th Street, Crescent City, California 95531 Tel: 707.464.1371

John Fjerstad, Podiatrist at Sutter Coast Hospital gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Kathleen Ricks
$5,000El Dorado Hills, CA

Kathleen Ricks gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Kay Goodman
$5,000Tustin, CA
Kay Goodman gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Kitty Nordstrom
$5,000Newport Beach, CA

Kitty Nordstrom gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Larry Saizon
$5,000Kaneohe, HI

Larry Saizon gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Martha Spencer
$5,000Westlake Village, CA

Robbie Reed, Inc.

Martha Spencer, a Restaurateur, gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Mary Fellars
$5,000Vista, CA

Mary Fellars, DDS, gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Melissa Vassallo
$5,000Sacramento, CA

Melissa Vassallo, Director for Veritas Foundation, gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Michael Calta
$5,000Chino, CA

Vi-Cal Metals“1400 N. Baxter St., Anaheim, CA 92806 Tel: 714-956-6200 Web: www.vi-calmetals.com

Michael Calta, Vice President with Vi-Cal Metals gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Vi-Cal Metals is an international metal trading company, trading $250 million a year.

Pennie Edwards
$5,000Redding, CA

Big O Tires, Redding“377 E. Cypress Ave, Redding, CA 96002 Tel: 530.221.2233 Web: www.bigotires.com

Pennie Edwards, in sales with Big O Tires gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Randall Smith
$5,000Sacramento, CA

Randall Smith, CPA with Yorke ISE gave: $5,000 on 7/28/08

Roy Hales
$5,000Logan, UT

Roy Hales, in Manufacturing with Hales Engineering, gave: $5,000 on 8/5/08

Stephen Bills
$5,000Glendale, CA

Philpott, Bills, Stoll & Meeks

Stephen Bills, a CPA, gave: $5,000 on 8/4/08

Aaron Spiers
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Bakersfield, CA

Aera Energy, Engineer

Above the Gate Dentistry
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Diamond Springs, CA

Alan L. Stott
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Lancaster, CA

Alan Stott, DDS, Dentist

Alisha Gale
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Irvine, CA

Allan L. Scow
$5,000 on 9/5/08 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Allyn Izu
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Lakewood, CA

County of LA, Physical Therapist

Allyson J. Anderson
$5,000 on 8/27/08 La Crescenta, CA

Anne Olsen
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Villa Park, CA

Pacific Legacy Real Estate Investments, Inc.

Annette N. Dalton
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Cameron Park, CA

Antioch Convalescent Hospital
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Antioch, CA

April Valusek
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Thousand Oaks, CA

April Valusek Real Estate

Arthur W. Tuverson
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Mission Viejo, CA

General Elec., Real Estate

Barry Hoeven
$5,000 on 8/23/08 Newport Beach, CA

Westport Properties, President

Barry W. Oliver
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Pension One Advisors, Acct

Beverly H. Jafek
$5,000 on 8/13/08 San Diego, CA

Blaine E. Hendrickson
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Rancho Mirage, CA

Legacy Healthcare, CEO

Blaine Ray Workshops
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Arroyo Grande, CA

Bonnie Olson
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Agoura Hills, CA

Self Employed, Hospice

Brad Constantine
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Rocklin, CA

Gallina LLP, CPA

Brad Hixon
$5,000 on 8/27/08 El Cajon, CA

The Brady Company, Developer

Bradley Call
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Newbury Park, CA

Bradley G. Williams
$5,000 on 8/15 Redlands, CA

Clark Pacific, Civil Engineer

Bradley H. Dolbin
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Ventura, CA

Advanced Motion, Electrical Engineer

Brent Rigby
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Anaheim, CA

Mission Development, Contractor

Brian A. Bertha
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Newport Beach, CA

McKesson, VP Marketing

Brian Palmer
$5,000 on 8/13/08 La Canada Flintridge, CA

CRA, Consultant

Bruce Williams
$5,000 on 9/3/08 Fair Oaks, CA

Mercy General Hospital, Pharmacist

Bryan J. Favero
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Rocklin, CA

TEK Translation International, Business Development

˜Buck™ McKeon for Congress
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Santa Clarita, CA

Caleb Stewart
$5,000 on 9/5/08 Lompoc, CA

Advanced Performance Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist

Calvin Reynolds
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Cameron Park, CA

Snowline Engineer, Engineer

Caralee Smith
$5,000 on 9/5/08 Sacramento, CA

Carol Gardner
$5,000 on 8/27/08 San Juan Capistrano, CA

Life Style Insurance, Owner

Carolyn Dewitt
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Santa Ana, CA

Cathay Circuits, Inc.
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Monterey, CA

Catherine Bearry
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Auburn, CA

Eagle Electric, Electrical Contractor

Catherine C. Blickenstar
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Camarillo, CA

Charles Pfister
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Upland, CA

C.P. Construction, Contractor

Charles Pope
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Santa Cruz, CA

Seagate Technology, Financial Executive

Charles Stoddard
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Santa Rosa, CA


China Circuit Technology
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Monterey, CA

Christine Francom
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Newbury Park, CA

Conejo Valley Unified School District, Teacher

Christopher L. Eastland
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Los Angeles, CA

Seidler Equity Partners, Investing

Clark Hatch
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Brea, CA

Aqua Clear Farms, Businessman

Colby D. Eller
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Granite Bay, CA

Valley Oaks Insurance Advisors, Insurance Broker

Colleen D. Watkins
$5,000 on 8/29/08 El Cajon, CA

Corey A. Procuniar
$5,000 on 8/13/08 Trabuco Canyon, CA

The Endign Group, Nursing Home Administrator

Couch Potatoes Only
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Auburn, CA

Craig A. Neville
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Bakersfield, CA

Cal-Pacific Farm Management, LP, Agriculture

Curtis Weller
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Clayton, CA

Deloitte & Touche, CPA

D. Kirk Davis
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

IHP Capital, Sr. Vice President

D. Walton
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Doneu Hall APLC, Attorney

Dalton Capital, Inc.
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Yorba Linda, CA

Dan C. Hunter
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Aliso Viejo, CA

Danberg Development, Developer

Dan Olsen
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Meadows Asset Management, Attorney

Daniel R. O™Bryant
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Glendora, CA

Avery Dennison, CFO

Danielle D. Kotter
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Marina Del Rey, CA

WF, Marketing Sale Manager

David C. Van Blerkom
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Danville, CA

Inflective Asset Mgmt, Investment Manager

David Christensen
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Danville, CA

Gartner, Inc, Analyst

David F. Morgan
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Fair Oaks, CA

Delta Dental, Manager

David G. Wiggins
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Chino Hills, CA

David J. Wilson
$5,000 on 9/5/08 Morgan Hill, CA

CTS Advantage, Owner

David Lee
$5,000 on 9/5/08 Sunnyvale, CA

Netapp, Manager

David Meyers Barbara
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Magnolia, TX

David S. Price
$5,000 on 8/27/08 La Mesa, CA

Dayna D. Bain
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Dean Criddle
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Piedmont, CA

Orric, Herrington & Sutcliffe, Attorney

Debora Fenn
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Buena Park, CA

Fenn Termite & Pest, Owner

Debra A. Hawkes
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Pittsburg, CA

Contra Costa County, Registered Nurse

Delone Bailey
$5,000 on 9/5/08 Alamo, CA

Denise R. Callister
$5,000 on 8/18/08 La Crescenta, CA

Dennis Lambourne
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Brea, CA

LPL Insurance

Derik Brian
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Laguna Beach, CA

Miramar Health, Owner

DHC Family Foundation
$5,000 on 8/13/08 Visalia, CA

Diane E. Knudson
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Valencia, CA

Gold Mountain Media, Owner

Dirk O. Jergensen
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Poway, CA

Omnicare, Pharmacist

Don Duffy
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Dove Canyon, CA

Gray Point, CPA

Dorothy Devore
$5,000 on 8/25/08 La Canada, CA
Greggory R. Devore, MD., Office Manager

Douglas B. Quist
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Sunnyvale, CA

Nvidia, Director of I.T.

Douglas Barton
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Walnut Creek, CA
Deloitte & Touche, Accountant

Douglas Whiting
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Carlsbad, CA

Hifa, Engineer

ETS & Associates
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Gilroy, CA

Earl Carter
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Rialto, CA

Earl Carter & Associates, Lawyer

Edward Griffith
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Irvine, CA

Elizabeth Bradford
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Rocklin, CA

Ellen Morris
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Bakersfield, CA

Dynasty Management, Owner

Engineer Mechanical Contractor, Inc.
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Sacramento, CA

Eric Ottesen
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Poway, CA

Excel Realty, Attorney

Fred Huckvale
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Northridge, CA

Millennial Mgt, Executive

C. Craig Sullivan
$5,000 on 9/6/08/08 San Francisco, CA

Gail Olsen Roseville, CA
$5,000 on 8/18/08

Gary Crandall
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Orange, CA

BioMedics, Owner

George M. Grant
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Riverside, CA

Best, Best & Krieger, Attorney

George Mautz
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Chino Hills, CA

Bank of America, Financial Services

Glen Sellers
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Placerville, CA

Gloria P. Pope
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Santa Cruz, CA

Grant J. Hallstrom
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Irvine, CA

Greg L. Smith
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Aliso Viejo, CA

Eclipsys, Lawyer

Gregory C. Brown
$5,000 on 9/2/08 La Canada, CA

Breit Burn Management, Co., Executive

Gregory Weeks
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Guy M. Masters
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Glendale, CA

Healthcare Partners, Consultant

Heath Sheppard
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Roseville, CA

Sheppard & Associates, Insurance Broker

Heather Clawson
$5,000 on 8/13/08 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt, Owner

Henry R. Lindsay
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Elk Grove, CA

Internet Blueprint
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Tustin, CA

Isi Nau
$5,000 on 9/3/08 Waipahu, HI

Hawaii Doe, Teacher

Jack Williams
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Elk Grove, CA

Cmon ˜N Go, Owner

Jaleen N. Lunt
$5,000 on 9/4/08 La Crescenta, CA

James D. Ogden
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Martinez, CA

Carpathia, Accountant

James Orman
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Mira Loma, CA

Honeywell, Welder

James S. Crane
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Fresno, CA

A.L. Drywall, Construction

James W. Hunt
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Elk Grove, CA

James Walker
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Ewa Beach, HI

Polynesian Cultural Center, Sales

Janell L. Meinzer
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Granite Bay, CA

Meinco Properties, Investor

Jani Stone
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Danville, CA

Jared L. Spears
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Yuba City, CA

Cordano Spears Dental, Dentist

Jason Cardinet
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Newcastle, CA

Gallina LLP, Accountant

Jeffrey Marr
$5,000 on 8/20/08 San Jose, CA

Cisco Systems, Engineer

Jenny L. Townsend
$5,000 on 8/27/08 La Canada Flintridge, CA

Jeremiah Jones
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Riverside, CA

Bosco Legal Services, Manager

Jerry Oliver
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Murphys, CA

Jerry Sorensen, DDS
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Fresno, CA

Jill Heffner
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Modesto, CA

Jo Anne Gardner
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Clayton, CA

Joan Talbot
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Santa Maria, CA

Heath Income Tax, Consultant

John A. Crosby
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Redding, CA

Paskenta, CEO

John Blatter
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Danville, CA

John Crawford
$5,000 on 9/6/08 Saratoga, CA

Intel, Computer Architect

John F. Watkins
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Anderson, CA

Real Estate

John Klein
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Nevada City, CA

Wells Fargo, Insurance

John L. Hales
$5,000 on 8/8/08 La Crescenta, CA

John Lattin
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

Fisher & Phillips, Attorney

John Plocher
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Riverside, CA

USR, Broker

John W. Cutt
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Concord, CA

Inacc Corp., CEO

Jonathan Tenney
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Newport Beach, CA

Merrill Lynch, Investment Advisor

Jonathan W. Starr
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Covina, CA

Remax Masters, Real Estate Agent

Jordan Law
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Coto De Caza, CA

Aerofit, Owner

Joyce G. Evenson
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Fresno, CA

Judith WagnerAlamo, CA>
$5,000 on 9/9/08


Judy Cooley
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Pacifica, CA

Judy Salmon Palo Alto, CA
$5,000 on 8/22/08

Palo Alto Unified School District, Teacher

Julie Schull
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Pleasanton, CA

Justin W. Dalton Corp.
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Yorba Linda, CA

Karen Westover
$5,000 on 8/9/08 Manhattan Beach, CA

Karl N. Haws
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Redlands, CA

Mundell, Odlum & Haws, LLP, Lawyer

Katharine Chera
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Santa Rosa, CA

Kay Bohne
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Kazuo Enterprises, Inc.
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Cypress, CA

Keenan Davis
$5,000 on 8/28/08 Auburn, CA

Davis Legal Associates, Attorney

Keith Bradburn
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Concord, CA

Dr. Randall Gardner, DDS, Dentist

Keith E. Loraine
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Petaluma, CA

Music of Sundrie Natures, Musician

Kevan Bradshaw
$5,000 on 8/8/08 San Diego, CA


Kristin Albrechtsen
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Chino Hills, CA

Kristine Whitesides
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Trabuco Canyon, CA

Kristy Hunter
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Camarillo, CA

Krystalyn Judd
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Kurt D. Johnson
$5,000 on 9/3/08 Redwood City, CA

Ladawn Stone
$5,000 on 8/14/08 El Dorado Hills, CA

Lang Roofing Inc.
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Bell Gardens, CA

Large Enterprise Aliso Viejo, CA
$5,000 on 9/5/08

Larry Arnett
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Morgan Hill, CA

Space Systems, Engineer

Larry Brasher
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Newcastle, CA

Larry Wilson
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Alamo, CA

Laura Wilkins
$5,000 on 8/8/08 El Dorado Hills, CA

Clear Image Inc, Owner

Law Offices of Douglas A. MacDonald
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Sacramento, CA

Law Offices of Frank D. Penney
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Roseville, CA

Lawrence Blonquist
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Westlake Village, CA

Turnberry Financial, Financial Advisor

Lawrence Hixon
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Lee D. Green
$5,000 on 8/27/08 San Jose, CA

K-Swiss, Inc., Attorney

Linda Orman
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Mira Loma, CA

Linda S. Doll
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Lisa Jones
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Riverside, CA

Lisa Williams
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Elk Grove, CA

Lloyd Dickson
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Sunnyvale, CA

Lloyd Pace
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Visalia, CA

JMT Financial Svc., Mortgage

Logan A. Sheppard
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Orangevale, CA

Sheppard & Associates, Insurance Broker

Lone Tree Convalescent Hospital
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Antioch, CA

Lonna Ward
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Loretta Kaopua
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Aiea, HI

Louise Miramontes
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Irvine, CA

Muirfield Properties, Developer

Luann Warren
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Livermore, CA

Warren Associates, CFO

Lyle Hill
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Riverside, CA

City of Riverside, Engineer

Lynette Atkisson
$5,000 on 8/21/08 San Francisco, CA

MKP Construction, Inc.
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Upland, CA

Marc C. Eynon
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Corona, CA

Margaret Wheelwright
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Laie, HI

Marie M. Jensen
$5,000 on 9/3/08 Yuba City, CA

Marilyn M. Goff
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Shingle Springs, CA

Lyon, Real Estate

Marilyn O. Masters
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Glendale, CA

Mark A. Norman
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Tracy, CA

Norman Masonry, Owner

Mark Evans
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Granite Bay, CA

Northwestern Mutual, Management

Mark McComb
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Select Staffing, COO

Maryann McCarty
$5,000 on 8/13/08 Apple Valley, CA

Matthew D. Kartchner
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Sacramento, CA

Pulte Homes, Construction

Maureen Christensen
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Anaheim, CA

Maureen Hixon
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Maurine Walker Los Angeles, CA
$5,000 on 8/18/08

Melissa Tuttle
$5,000 on 8/8/08 El Dorado Hills, CA

Melissa Vassallo
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Sacramento, CA

Verita Fdtn, Director

Merrill Higham
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Belmont, CA

Higham, Richards & Vranes, CPA

Michael Calta
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Chino, CA

Vi-Cal Metals, Vice President

Michael Erickson
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Fountain Valley, CA

Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, Lawyer

Michael King
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Salinas, CA

Taiyo Pacific Parts, Manager

Michael Manning
$5,000 on 9/4/08 San Juan Capistrano, CA

Qlogic, CPA

Michael P. Mullen
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Granite Bay, CA

Michael P. Mullen, Oral Surgeon

Michael Peterson Danville, CA
$5,000 on 8/18/08

Pascal Mgmt, Financial Services

Michael Ward
$5,000 on 8/13/08 La Canada, CA

Activision, Executive Producer

Michele C. Sundstrom
$5,000 on 8/21/08 San Jose, CA

Mike Daley
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Modesto, CA

LSO, Inc., Sales

Monte J. Harrick
$5,000 on 8/15/08 La Canada, CA

Verity Point, Director

Myles L. Brown Folsom, CA
$5,000 on 8/8/08

Brown, Fine, Boyce & Astle, LLP, Accountant

Nancy F. Lockhart
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Piedmont, CA

Nile Sorenson
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Yorba Linda, CA

Nile Sorenson D.M.D., Orthodontist

Nora Baker
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Redlands, CA

Palmdale Veterinary Hospital
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Palmdale, CA

Pamela Capelo
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Poway, CA

Cooley Godward Kronish, Lawyer

Patricia H. Hunt
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Northridge, CA

Patterson Law Firm
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Valencia, CA

Paul A. Burch Corona, CA
$5,000 on 8/18/08ABS Global, Sales Manager

Paul Larson
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Pleasanton, CA

P D Larson Co., Construction

Peggy Bowden
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Redding, CA

Perry Chapman Yorba Linda, CA
$5,000 on 8/8/08

Allied Steel, Steel Fabricator

R. Dean Merkley
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Santa Clara, CA

D & K Real Estate, Realtor

R. Jay Allen
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Stockton, CA

Stone Tioga Allen, Developer

R. E. Huisken
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Huntington Beach, CA

RPH Investments, President

Rachel Aaron
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Clayton, CA

Rachelle Clifford
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Ralph Severson
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Orinda, CA

Randal Mack
$5,000 on 8/8/08 San Jose, CA

Mohler, Nixon & Williams, Accountant

Randall Steele
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Modesto, CA

Seed Factory, Owner

Ray Fahringer
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Long Beach, CA

Custom Pump & Equipment, Sales

Rebecca Brubaker
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Redding, CA

Reid LaLonde
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Placerville, CA

Mountain Mgmt, Contractor

Renae Lyon
$5,000 on 8/18/08 San Luis Obispo, CA

Richard C. Callister
$5,000 on 8/18/08 La Crescenta, CA

Verity Point, Consultant

Richard Chapman
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Walnut Creek, CA

JES Engineering, Owner

Richard D. Cardall
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Transamerica Capital Management, Sales Management

Richard E. Lamprecht
$5,000 on 8/13/08 Laguna Niguel, CA

The Irvine Company, Real Estate Developer

Richard L. Holbrook
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Foster City, CA

Holbrook Global Investors, Investment Advisor

RLG Enterprises
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Robert B. Erickson
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Costa Mesa, CA

Fluor Corporation, Engineer

Robert Blazer
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Pleasanton, CA

Validity Sensors, Manager

Robert C. Moehle
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Glendora, CA

Robert E. Hales, Attorney
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Orange, CA

Robert G. Dyer
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Attorney, San Diego, CA

Robert Kenney
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Sunnyvale, CA

Golfland Entertainment, Executive

Robert L. Bowers
$5,000 on 8/13/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Air Source Industries, Executive

Robert Moneymaker
$5,000 on 9/5/08 Sacramento, CA

SAIC, IT Specialist

Robert W. Peterson
$5,000 on 9/8/08 San Jose, CA

Bank of America, Executive

Robin Detling
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Lincoln, CA

PGP Valuation, Analyst

Rob Emery
$5,000 on 8/16/08 Newport Beach, CA

Steadfast Company, CEO

Rodney J. Kellogg
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Clovis, CA

Kellogg & Grant Family Dentistry, Dentist

Ronald D. Nunnally
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Lakewood, CA

Ronald J. Coleman
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Newcastle, CA

Castle City Mobile Parks & Sales, Owner

Ronald Packard
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Los Altos, CA

Packard, Packard & Johnson, Attorney

Rose Adams
$5,000 on 8/29/08 San Jose, CA

Self-Employed, Quilter

Russell R. Watanabe
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Aiea, HI

Watanabe Floral, Florist

Ruth Kelly
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Anaheim, CA

Big Adventure Child Care, Owner

Ryan Webber
$5,000 on 8/26/08 Trabuco Canyon, CA

Woodside Homes, Manager

Ryan Williams
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Bakersfield, CA

Kern County, Sheriff Deputy

S. Lynn Bogh
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Highland, CA

KCB Towers, Inc., Structural Steel

Samuel G. Hodnett
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Rancho Cordova, CA

Aida™s University Book Exchange, Manager

Sandra L. Loesch
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Marina, CA

Taco Bell, Franchisee

Scott Bowen
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Oak Park, CA

Self-Employed, Professional

Scott Houston
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Houston Associates, Management Consultant

Scott Williams
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Agoura Hills, CA

Insite Development, Real Estate

Sensible Senior Homecare
$5,000 on 8/11/08 Adelanto, CA

Serena Orton
$5,000 on 8/20/08 Poway, CA

L. Cary Orton DDS, Marketing

Shane C.K. Kaopua
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Aiea, HI

Bank of Hawaii, Banker

Shannyn Gardner
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Valencia, CA

Sharon Brown
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Alta Loma, CA

Shelly Jordan
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Oak Park, CA

Sherman L. Doll Walnut Creek, CA
$5,000 on 8/14/08

Capital Performance Advisors, Consultant

Sherry L. Hulbert
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Shingle Springs, CA

Shirley Mataalii
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Lomita, CA

Shonnie L. Jackson
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Granite Bay, CA

Stephen Bills
$5,000 on 8/4/08 Glendale, CA

Philbott Bills Stoll & Meeks, CPA

Stephen C. Kimball, Inc.
$5,000 on 8/13/08 Mission Viejo, CA

Steven Bush
$5,000 on 8/8/08 La Crescenta, CA

Prestige Preschool, CEO

Steven E. Leininger
$5,000 on 8/8/08 Concord, CA

Capital Performance Advisors, CPA

Steven F. Nelson
$5,000 on 8/15/08 Covina, CA

Riverside Metro Auto, Executive

Steven G. Johnson Dental
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Steven R. Townsend
$5,000 on 8/29/08 La Canada, CA

Wachovia Securities, Finance

Steven Saunders
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Clovis, CA

Steven Saunders, CPA

Steven Wheelwright
$5,000 on 8/22/08 Laie, HI

Brigham Young University“Hawaii, President

Tamra Braatz
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Auburn, CA

Ted Cannon
$5,000 on 9/7/08 Irvine, CA

Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear“Attorney

Terry Lloyd
$5,000 on 8/27/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Terry Lloyd, CPA, Analyst

Thalia M. Cutt
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Concord, CA

The Law Offices of Bradford¦
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Eureka, CA

Tom S. Moyes
$5,000 on 9/4/08 Valencia, CA

Northrop Grumman, Engineer

Tricks Gymnastics, Inc.
$5,000 on 8/18/08 Granite Bay, CA

Vella J. Albretsen
$5,000 on 8/25/08 Grover Beach, CA

Vivi S. Mceuen
$5,000 on 9/3/08 Redding, CA

Cal State University Chico, Lecturer

W. Mark Bassett
$5,000 on 9/2/08 Antelope, CA

Brasher™s Sacramento Auto Auction, CFO

Western Water Features
$5,000 on 8/22/08 El Dorado Hills, CA

William Bunker
$5,000 on 8/8/08 San Juan Capistrano, CA

Knobbe, Martens, Attorney

William Reasbeck
$5,000 on 8/21/08 Redding, CA

Tin Man Dental Supplies, Sales

WM Brent Pendleton
$5,000 on 8/14/08 Riverside, CA

Fleetwood Ent., Director of Materials

Young S. Hong
$5,000 on 8/29/08 Coto de Caza, CA

Strategic Property Association, Consultant

Ann F. Long
$5,000 on 9/24/08 Corona, CA

Bell & Associates
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Laguna Beach, CA

Betsy Johnson
$5,000 9/10/08 Mountain View, CA

Brandon M. Nielsen
$5,000 on 9/12/08 Thousand Oaks, CA

Brent R. Knudson
$5,000 on 9/18/08 Los Gatos, CA

PLGA, Investor

Bruce L. Barton Grantite Bay, CA
$5,000 on 9/10/08

Dionex Corporation, Executive

Charles J. Chacon
$5,000 on 9/18/08 Corona, CA

CC Real Estate Group, Sales

Colleen A. Tano
$5,000 on 9/24/08 Kaneohe, HI

State of Hawaii, Civil Engineer

Cynthia J. Goodsell
$5,000 on 9/25/08 Los Gatos, CA

Account Ability, CPA

Cynthia Stone
$5,000 on 9/16/08 Los Angeles, CA


Danny Coder
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Stevinson, CA

Coder Appliance, Repair

David A. Avina
$5,000 on 9/22/08 Riverside, CA

D & A Transports, Truck Driver

David A. Chamerlin
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Trabuco Canyon, CA

Loma Linda University Medical Center, Physician

David W. Collett
$5,000 on 9/17/08 Calabasas, CA


Dwain Rickertson
$5,000 on 9/18/08 Yuba City, CA

Family Physicians, Inc., Physician

Hannah V. Peterson
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Ramona, CA

Harmony Circle, LLC
$5,000 on 9/22/08 Anaheim Hills, CA

Jacqueline A. McAllister
$5,000 on 9/25/08 Fair Oaks, CA

James Bell
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Orange, CA

Ampro, Manager

Janelle A. Palmer
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Walnut Creek, CA

Janelle Dahl
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Valencia, CA

Jeffrery K. Taylor
$5,000 on 9/11/08 Provo, UT

Diamicron, Inc., Ortho. Surgeon

Jeffrey Christian
$5,000 on 9/22/08 Morgan Hill, CA

Phoenix Deventures, Engineer

Jeffrey Hamilton
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Ashton, ID

Hamilton & Co., LLP, CPA

Jeffrey P. Starr
$5,000 on 9/17/08 Mission Viejo, CA

Saddleback Valley Unified School District, Administrator

Jeffrey Sycamore
$5,000 on 9/12/08 Thousand Oaks, CA

Jeffrey L. Sycamore MDAPC, Doctor

Jennifer R. Ford
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Ramona, CA

Jeraldine Taxera
$5,000 on 9/11/08 Yuba City, CA

Jill Van Slooten La Canada, CA
$5,000 on 9/15/08

Jim Vargas
$5,000 on 9/22/08 La Jolla, CA

John B. Hansen
$5,000 on 9/10/08 La Canada, CA

Glenwood Group, Real Estate Investment

John Nielsen
$5,000 on 9/11/08 Thousand Oaks, CA

RPA, Inc., Consultant

Judith Wagner
$5,000 on 9/9/08 Alamo, CA


Kathryn Olsen
$5,000 on 9/23/08 San Clemente, CA

Kenneth I. Talbot
$5,000 on 9/25/08 Sunnyvale, CA

Northrop Grumman

Kenneth Jones Larkspur, CA
$5,000 on 9/18/08

Lithium Investments, Manager

Larry D. Tashjian
$5,000 on 9/25/08 La Canada, CA

CAM Capitol, Investment Manager

Laurie Bell
$5,000 on 9/25/08 Wilton, CA

Bell Pest Control, Owner

Law Offices of W. Douglas Eaton
$5,000 on 9/11/08 Costa Mesa, CA

Lisa P. Corcoran
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Laguna Beach, CA

Lola N. Warren
$5,000 on 9/17/08 Bangor, CA

Marianne Caverly Moreno Valley, CA
$5,000 on 9/11/08

Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley, Manager

Marion E. Haws
$5,000 on 9/12/08 Santa Barbara, CA

Mark Gomm Design
$5,000 on 9/17/08 Rescue, CA

Matt Owens
$5,000 on 9/11/08 La Canada, CA

Walt Disney Company, Finance

Micalanne Child
$5,000 on 9/12/08 Yucaipa, CA

SMZ Corp., Real Estate

Miles Chemical Company, Inc.
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Arieta, CA

Nancy Howard
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Whittier, CA

Paul Walker
$5,000 on 9/16/08 Vista, CA

Hien, Engineer

Peggy J. Hodson
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Santa Barbara, CA

R. Paul Ashton
$5,000 on 9/22/08 Santa Ana, CA

Lifecare Resources, Inc., Owner

Rachelle Clifford
$5,000 on 9/18/08 Huntington Beach, CA

Randall M. Mendioroz
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Encinitas, CA

Aquatic Design Group, Inc., CEO

Richard A. Hunter
$5,000 on 9/25/08 San Jose, CA

Robert Putnam
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Poway, CA

E. Digital Corporation, Senior VP

Robert W. Mower, DDS Corporation
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Valencia, CA

Ronald K. Lindsay
$5,000 on 9/17/08 San Carlos, CA

Lindsay Propeties, LLC, Real Estate Developer

Ronald Naves
$5,000 on 9/12/08 West Hills, CA

Roy E. Whitehead, Inc.
$5,000 on 9/24/08 Riverside, CA

Ruth H. Monzalvo
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Vista, CA

Herbalife International, Sales

Ryan Trimble
$5,000 on 9/25/08 Laguna Hills, CA

Sandra B. Cook
$5,000 on 9/19/08 Lodi, CA

Susan S. Hamilton
$5,000 on 9/15/08 Poway, CA

Sylvia L. Chase
$5,000 on 9/17/08 Brea, CA

Tamra Braatz
$5,000 on 9/8/08 Auburn, CA

Taylor R. Woods
$5,000 on 9/10/08 Newport Beach, CA

Genpact, President

Terry N. Meinzer
$5,000 on 9/15/08 North Highlands, CA

Meinco Properties, Property Manager

Tim Busch
$5,000 on 9/24/08 Irvine, CA

Pacific Hospitality Group, Executive

Trevor Newcomer
$5,000 on 9/24/08 Sacramento, CA

Trellen, LLC, Adminstrator

Wilford Day
$5,000 on 9/11/08 Sacramento, CA

United States Air Force

William E. Frankin
$5,000 on 9/18/08 Fairfield, CA

Coparti, Inc., Manager

Charles Woodhouse
$4,950 on 8/8/08 La Canada Flintridge, CA

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, Administrator

Beverly H. Jafek
$4,950 on 9/18/08 San Diego, CA

John L. Hales
$4,950 on 9/15/08 La Crescenta, CA

Kristin W. Bowman
$4,950 on 9/18/08 Saratoga, CA

Laurel C. Hulme
$4,950 on 9/17/08 Los Gatos, CA


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*Contributions to these organizations also appear separately on this report.

Disclaimer: This list is based on the data made publicly available by the California Secretary of State™s office. Californians Against Hate, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy or validity of the names, contribution amounts and descriptions on this Dishonor Roll. Please direct any inquiries or corrections to the California Secretary of State. Californians Against Hate, Inc. will periodically update this list based on additional data made available by the California Secretary of State. It is possible for multiple persons to share the same name.