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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) has been leading the national crusade against same-sex marriage since President Gordon B. Hinckley issued such a proclamation in 1988. The Church showed just how effective it could be beginning in Hawaii in the mid-nineties all the way through to California’s Proposition 8 in 2008. They were involved to some degree with all 30 state elections outlawing same-sex marriage.

The purpose of is to tell the real truth about the Mormon Church’s massive involvement and cover-up of this issue. Nearly all of their activities are intended to be highly secretive. This strategy has served them well over the past 20 years; however, we have recently received documentation of just how they operate.

We will continually update as we receive new information on Mormon involvement in leading the fight against equality throughout the U.S. We are constantly seeking the public’s help in providing us information on the Mormon Church’s activities around their opposition to same-sex marriage. All tips will be kept strictly confidential. Please help us to lift the Mormon Church’s veil of secrecy.

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Click the header button above to view documentation indicating the Mormon Church’s complete domination in the Hawaii fight for same-sex marriage. They show how the Church raises money, performs research and polling, brings in other religions, lobbies legislators, builds collations…all while hiding their involvement.

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Creating the National Organization for Marriage

The Mormon Church appears to have created the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) in the summer of 2007 to qualify California’s Proposition 8 for the November 2008 ballot. They set it up as a Mormon front group, exactly as they did with a very similar organization called Hawaii’s Future Today (HFT) in that state in 1995. HFT was established to pass a constitutional amendment in Hawaii to ban same-sex marriage. Sound familiar? They have now expanded NOM into seven more states, specifically to fight same-sex marriage in those states.

We are posting official Mormon Church documents on this web site, dealing with significant Mormon Church actives in Hawaii. These documents show just how the Church operates and they illuminate the replication of the strategy in California in creating NOM to qualify and pass Proposition 8.

Organizational Chart to Create National Organization for Marriage

Gordon HinckleyGordon B. Hinckley
President, Mormon Church
Grand Strategist of Mormon Fight Against Same-sex Marriage
Jeffrey HollandJeffrey R. Holland
Quorum of 12 Mormon Apostles, Salt Lake City, UT
Former President of Brigham Young University (BYU)
Father of Matthew Holland
Matthew Holland Jr.Matthew S. Holland
BYU Professor, Salt Lake City, UT
Mormon Connection to NOM, Former Fellow of Robert P. George (2005-2006), Went to Professor George to Create NOM, NOM Board of Directors
Robert GeorgeRobert P. (Robby) George
Princeton Professor, Princeton, NJ
Former Teacher of Matthew Holland (2005-2006), Put NOM Board Together and Recruited Staff, Chairman of NOM, Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, NOM Board of Directors
Maggie GallagherMaggie Gallagher
President of NOM, Westchester, NY
Outspoken and Longtime Opponent of Same-sex Marriage, President of Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, NOM Board of Directors
Brian BrownBrian S. Brown
Executive Director of NOM, Princeton, NJ
Recruited from Family Institute of Connecticut
NOM Board of Directors

Rest of NOM Board of Directors
Neil Corkery (Treasurer)Chuck StetsonKen Von KohornLuis Tellez
All of these Board members are very interconnected. They all serve on each others Boards and all have long histories of opposing equality.