A-1 Self Storage Owner Gave $693,000 to Yes on Prop 8!

Terry Caster Family is California’s 2nd Biggest Contributor

San Diego businessman Terry Caster, who owns A-1 Self Storage Company was California’s 2nd biggest contributor to the Yes on 8 campaign. Genomma Lab Caster and his family gave nearly $700,000 to Yes on 8, including $400,000 just five days before the election.

“This guy must really not like same-sex marriage,” said Fred Karger, Founder of Californians Against Hate in his published blog in The Huffington Post. “Mr. Caster and many of his eight sons and daughters and their spouses have given a combined total of $693,000 to the Yes on 8 campaign between January and November 4, 2008.”

Caster told the San Diego Union-Tribune in May that marriage equality threatens society. “Without solid marriage, you are going to have a sick society,” he said. Caster encouraged his friend Doug Manchester, owner of the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, to give $125,000 to the campaign, the newspaper reported.

Californians Against Hate produced a commercial with an actor playing Caster with his granddaughter asking, “why did you give so much money away, Grampa?” the innocence of the little 4-year-old girl is what this commercial is all about. You can view it on Current TV and our web site www.californiansagainsthate.com.

A-1 Self Storage has 30 locations throughout California with over 3 million square feet of storage.

Effective Thursday, November 20, 2008 Californians Against Hate is calling for a Boycott of A-1 Self Storage Company.

A-1 has facilities all over California. Please support our fight for equality and take your business to one of the many other self-storage companies.

If you are curious as to why someone would give so much money to take away marriage equality in California, call Terry Caster. Here are his toll-free numbers:

Corporate Office Number: 800-219-4854 ext. 106

A-1 Customer Service Number: 800-210-8979

When you call, please be respectful and courteous to Mr. Caster and his associates. Terry Caster and his family had every right to contribute as much money as they wanted to Yes on Prop 8. Lots of people just want to know why.

List of A-1 Self Storage Locations to Boycott

San Diego County:

San Diego
A-1 Self Storage Chula Vista, CA
A-1 Self Storage Downtown Little Italy, CA
A-1 Self Storage El Cajon, CA
A-1 Self Storage Fashion Valley, CA
A-1 Self Storage Hotel Circle, CA
A-1 Self Storage Kearny Mesa, CA
A-1 Self Storage La Mesa, CA
A-1 Self Storage Lakeside, CA
A-1 Self Storage Midtown, CA
A-1 Self Storage Mira Mesa, CA
A-1 Self Storage Mission Valley, CA
A-1 Self Storage Morena Bay Park, CA

North County
A-1 Self Storage Oceanside, CA
A-1 Self Storage Vista, CA

Southern California:

Los Angeles County
A-1 Self Storage El Monte, CA
A-1 Self Storage Glendale, CA
A-1 Self Storage North Hollywood, CA
A-1 Self Storage Paramount, CA
A-1 Self Storage Torrance, CA

Orange County
A-1 Self Storage Anaheim, CA
A-1 Self Storage Cypress, CA
A-1 Self Storage Fullerton, CA
A-1 Self Storage Huntington Beach, CA
A-1 Self Storage La Habra, CA
A-1 Self Storage Lake Forest, CA
A-1 Self Storage Santa Ana, CA

Northern California:

Alameda County
A-1 Self Storage Oakland, CA

Contra Costa County
A-1 Self Storage Concord, CA

San Mateo County
A-1 Self Storage Belmont, CA

Santa Clara County
A-1 Self Storage San Jose, CA

Help Spread the Word!

Help spread the word through Yelp.com that Terry Caster’s $693,000 to Yes on 8 is going to cost him business. Follow the link to Yelp.com and enter A-1 Self Storage and leave a comment on what you think of A-1 and its owner. Please keep them brief and clean. Comments can be posted for any of Caster’s 30 storage facilities throughout California.

Thank you for your support of our BOYCOTT OF A-1 SELF STORAGE!