If you’re worried about the future of the Boom Boom Room, there’s plenty that you can do!

Sign our petition. SaveTheBoom!!!, created and staffed by Laguna Beach residents, is gathering signatures of people who want to save the Boom. We will eventually deliver the petition to the City Council and Design Review Board. Sign the petition and let the city know how you feel!

Talk to your neighbors. Many people in our community are still unaware of the threat to the Boom Boom Room. Tell them about it, and let them know about our site. The more people who know, the better the chances of saving the Boom!

Write a letter to the editor. Keep it short — 150 to 200 words is best. You can write to both newspapers like the Orange Country Register and Coast Pilot, and gay publications like Frontiers and IN LA Magazine.

Volunteer or donate. Funded entirely by donations from the community, SaveTheBoom!!! is working to get out the word and fight for the Boom through all possible channels. We appreciate all donations of professional services or money.