Rights Equals Rights Founder, Fred Karger, will officially kickoff a global Boycott of Amway and its parent company Alticor later this afternoon at a press conference in Las Vegas.  Karger is in Vegas for the “Unity 2012 Convention” being held through Saturday.  He will do this in conjunction with a re-launch of his site rightsequalrights.com and an unveiling of their new site,www.boycottamway.com.

We love their new tag line ” You Can Give, But You CanÂ’t Hide”  referring to their work of exposing major donors to anti GLBT groups like NOM.  In this case, Amway President and owner Doug DeVos gave a whopping $500,000 to the nationÂ’s leading anti-LGBT organization the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). The contribution by the DeVos family recently came to light and was from their foundation making it difficult to uncover….. Continue Reading Here