NEWS RELEASE October 20, 2008 Contact: Fred Karger 619-592-2008

Mormon Families Donate 77% of Money to California’s Yes on Prop 8 Money Since July 1st – Mormons Take Over the Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CA – Californians Against Hate today released the results of its latest tabulation on the contributions to Yes on Proposition 8. Campaign Manager, Fred Karger released the numbers in his column in today’s Huffington Post

“We have identified the Mormon contributions to Yes on Prop 8 and it totals $18.64 million contributed by 59,000 Mormon families in just over 3 months. This Mormon power grab represents 77% of the $22.88 million raised by the Yes on 8 campaign since they qualified their initiative for the November 4th ballot,” said Karger. “It is a staggering amount of money and an even more staggering percentage of the overall campaign receipts. The Mormon Church based in Salt Lake City, Utah has hijacked the campaigns in both California and Arizona where voters face constitutional amendments to end same-sex marriage. Mormon families have given nearly all of the $6.9 million in the Arizona effort to pass Proposition 102.”

Karger wrote about the effects of these massive contributions on families who are forced to make huge contributions to Yes on 8 by Mormon Church elders. “These public donations to ban same-sex marriage are tearing apart families,” concluded Karger in today’s blog entry.

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