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July 31, 2008 619-592-2008

Californians Against Hate “Call Terry Caster Campaign” – Day 3

San DiegoÂ’s Biggest Donor to Protect Marriage — Phones Ringing Off-the-Hook

SAN DIEGO, CA — What possesses a family to give nearly $300,000.00 to change history and write discrimination into the California Constitution?

Well, here is what the San Diego Union-Tribune reported on March 15, 2008 on Caster family patriarch, Terry Caster:

Caster, who heads Caster Cos., which owns A-1 Self Storage
and other commercial properties, said he believes that marriage
between a man and a woman is fundamental to society.
“Without solid marriage, you are going to have a sick society,” he said.

This guy must really not like same-sex marriage. Mr. Caster and many of his eight sons and daughters and their husbands and wives gave a combined total of $292,600.00 to the Protect Marriage campaign between January and July of 2008.

Why so much money? Is same-sex marriage that much of a threat to the Caster family and to society as a whole? Is his family so fearful of creating a “sick society” that they are willing to take away the recently attained freedom to marry in California? And where do all his children get the $9,100.00 they contributed to the Protect Marriage campaign?

Terry Caster – $100,000 on 1/5/08
Terry Caster – $62,500 on 2/5/08
Terry Caster – $10,000 on 3/27/08
Barbara Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Brian Caster – $10,000 on 1/28/08
Brian Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Brian Caster – $10,000 on 7/8/08
Candice Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Cha Cha Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Christina Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Craig Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Gary Davidson – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Justin Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Kenneth Kremensky – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Mechele Kremensky – $9,100 on 4/10/08
Nick Caster – $9,100 on 4/10/08

Terry Caster is the owner of A-1 Self Storage of San Diego and was the most generous of San Diego CountyÂ’s many major donors to Protect Marriage. Mr. Caster is a very successful businessman, no doubt. A-1 Self Storage has 40 locations all over California with 28,000 storage units and 4 million square feet of self storage. He and his family have every right to contribute as much money as they want to this effort, but we are very curious as to why Mr. Caster saw fit to contribute so much money to their campaign of fear and hate.

So we are asking our millions of friends and supporters all over the United States to help us by Calling Terry Caster and asking him why he and his family are so strongly against marriage equality.

Call Terry Caster at A-1 Self Storage Toll Free
Corporate Office Number: 800-219-4854 ext. 106
Customer Service Number: 800-210-8979

When you call, please be respectful and courteous to Mr. Caster and his associates.
If the numbers are busy, please keep trying.

We have launched a brand new web site with more information on our latest undertaking:

Californians Against Hate will act as a truth squad during the next 3 months. Our purpose is to let everyone know the major donor supporters of Proposition 8. With that information, people can chose whether or not they want to patronize the businesses owned by these major donors.

We will recommend action against some of the major contributors as we did two weeks ago in calling for a boycott of Doug ManchesterÂ’s three hotels We will announcing additional activities re Terry Caster and his A-1 Self Storage Company next week.

Californians Against Hate will post all these major contributors on our web site in the very near future and disseminate this information through our facebook group page and other new media.

It is sad to me and so many other Californians to see so much money being given out of fear and hate to try take away the freedom to marry for loving couples across this great state.
Terry Caster and his wife have 38 grandchildren. What message is he sending to all his grandchildren and to an entire generation of young people?

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