Everyone from lawyers to doctors are our joining the debate about whether their respective organizations should hold conferences at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, in the wake of a boycott launched by Californians Against Hate. 

The latest example of this is a statement released by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), assuring their membership about the hotel’s commitment to diversity. 

The written statement below came in response to a barrage of concerns from AAFP members about the choice of venue for their annual Congress of Delegates and Scientific Assembly.

Assembly Housing

AAFP Statement, July 29, 2008: The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, the headquarters hotel for this yearÂ’s AAFP Congress of Delegates and Scientific Assembly, is owned by Doug Manchester. Mr. Manchester recently donated $125,000 to support Passage of Proposition 8, an amendment on the November ballot banning same-sex marriage in California. This action has generated calls from various groups for a boycott of the hotel.

Both the AAFP and the Hyatt Hotel Corporation have clear and consistent policies embracing and encouraging diversity in the workplace. HyattÂ’s commitment to diversity has been reaffirmed in a letter to AAFP members and staff.

The AAFPÂ’s policies on diversity in the workplace and diversity in AAFP education activities are available online.

Hyatt Management’s Letter :


AAFP’s Diversity Policies: