Fred Karger, Founder, Californians Against Hate

“Two weeks ago, we called for a boycott of Ken Garff Automotive Group at a Salt Lake City news conference. A reporter there asked me if I would be willing to meet with John Garff, CEO of the company. A few hours later, I was in his office. We had a wide ranging and very productive 2 hour meeting.

John Garff and his father, Robert Garff, later met with Utah philanthropist and leader in the national LGBT community, Bruce Bastian. The purpose of that meeting was to share perspectives and to discuss a variety of issues in an effort to find mutual respect and understanding. As a result of this meeting, I am pleased to announce that Californians Against Hate will immediately end its boycott of the Ken Garff Automotive Group.”

Bruce Bastian, LGBT Philanthropist

“Last Friday, I met with Robert and John Garff. I believe that both Robert and John left the meeting with a better understanding of my work, the LGBT community, and the emotional significance of the passing of Proposition 8 to our community. I believe the Garff family now fully understands how sensitive and important this issue is to our community and to their friends and neighbors.

As Utah progresses towards an era of equality for all families, I am extremely grateful to the Garff family for being willing to listen to the community in which they reside and do business. I look forward to working together towards a better future for all.”

John Garff, CEO, Ken Garff Automotive Group

“In response to the Ken Garff Automotive Group boycott that was called for by Californians Against Hate, I met with Fred Karger, its founder. My father, Robert, and I subsequently met with Bruce Bastian, a national LGBT philanthropist with local ties to Utah. I believe we all came away from those meetings with a greater level of mutual respect and understanding.”