Winners Announced in Men of Laguna Beach Calendar Contest

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – SAVE the BOOM!!! today announced 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in its first Calendar Contest.

1st Place – Caleb King

2nd Place – Gustavo Marzolla

3rd Place — there was a FIVE way tie!!!!!

Russell Mason

Chris Dezinno

Ray Cook

Russell Brodmerkle

Ryan Liddell

The panel of judges considered a variety of results before this decision was reached.

Calendar Open Casting Promoter and SAVE the BOOM!!! Treasurer, Judge Shane Miller said, “This was one tough choice. First we had to pick the Final 12 — very difficult, and then to pick the top three was a really tough call. I now have great respect for all judges of every major pageant in the world from Miss Universe on down. All 35 men who tried out, the 20 Finalists, the Final 12 and now our 7 prize winners were all incredible and deserve a huge debt of gratitude from all of us at SAVE the BOOM!!!”

Special thanks go out to all the volunteers involved in the contest and particularly to celebrity photographer, Cris Lapp who took thousands of photos and came up with these great shots that will adorn our first ever Men of Laguna Beach Calendar. Special thanks go out to Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, Brad Mayo and his company Day One Creative for the incredible look of our calendar. And thank you Peter Montgomery and Michael Scales for doubling the original 1st place prize money to a grand!

And a huge thank you from everyone involved with the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar goes out to Kenneth Hill, Managing Editor of AOL’s who’s site has helped promote our calendar by creating a portal that has seen over 1 million page views in less than 3 weeks and as of today there have been over 350,000 votes recorded for the 20 Finalists. And thanks go to everyone at the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot who’s full page color spread of all 20 Finalists led to a big response in their on line poll as well. These two polls were considered, but the panel of 4 judges was responsible for making its decision, and that decision is final.

Calendar Producer and SAVE the BOOM!!! Founder, Fred Karger stated, “We will have the hottest all male calendar for 2008 on the market and 100% of the proceeds will go to help SAVE the BOOM!!! and to local Laguna Beach charities. I hope that everyone who supports our 1½ year effort to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!! will go on line and buy lots of these amazing calendars. They make an ideal Holiday gift and will be fun to slap on your wall for all to admire.

We will be announcing our web address soon for purchasing these collector item calendars on line.

Caleb King will be presented the grand prize of $1000.00 at a small ceremony this weekend in Laguna Beach. All 6 runners up will be mailed their checks this week. 1st place prize is $1000.00, 2nd place $250.00 and 3rd place winners will each receive $100.00.

Thanks to one and all!