Lots of activity again this week. We crowned the King of our Men of Laguna Beach Calendar contest yesterday. Caleb King was the choice for 1st place by the panel of judges. Caleb was presented the grand prize of $1000.00 by Calendar Producer and Save the BOOM!!! founder, Fred Karger in a small ceremony in front of the landmark Boom Boom Room on Saturday, September 15th.



Caleb King (left) receives a giant check and a real one from Fred Karger (right) of SAVE the BOOM!!! in front of the landmark bar on Saturday. The additional $500.00 came from long time Laguna Resident Peter Montgomery who matched the original 1st place prize money and thus doubled Caleb’s winnings to a cool grand. Thank you Peter!!!
And special thanks to Brad Mayo, graphic artist extraordinaire. Brad’s calendar design was just completed and will be at the printer tomorrow. Brad volunteered his services and that of his new company, Day One Creative and designed the best looking 2008 calendar on the market. You will be able to order the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar on our new web page very soon.

Here is a sneak peek at the back page with the Final 12 pictured in living color for your viewing pleasure.


And 1st Place Finisher Caleb gets the cover:




Below are some links to recent articles that have run in Laguna Beach, on line and around the country about the Calendar and the closing of the Boom Boom Room.

We will keep you posted on our search to find a buyer or someone to lease the Old Boom and transform it into the new and greatly improved New Boom!!!

Thanks for your help and interest as we work around the clock to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!

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