NEWS RELEASE Contact: Fred Karger (949)494-4750
October 9, 2006, Joel Herzer (949)376-8809



LAGUNA BEACH, CA – Joel Herzer, Managing Partner of Woodys at the Beach ( announced today that Woodys will sponsor a weekend-long Gay Voter Registration Drive at his famed restaurant and bar located at 1305 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach this coming weekend. The festivities will begin on Friday, October 13th, and run thru Sunday, October 15th.

“It is so important that the Gay Community in Laguna Beach and our many friends all be registered to vote. We are going through so many political battles in our emerging civil rights campaign that each and every gay person should exercise his and her Constitutional Right and vote,” said Herzer. “We will be pulling out all the stops at Woody’s™ this weekend to make it fun and also accomplish our goal of registering as many new voters as possible.”

There are city, county, state, and federal candidates on the November 7th ballot and it is crucial that every gay voter participates in the election process. There are so many younger people in and around Laguna that we are targeting — these are first-time voters who will be voting for a long, long time. Additionally, we will be registering and reregistering voters who have recently moved or just moved into town,” he added.

“We are thrilled that Woodys is helping in such a huge way toward this first-ever Gay Voter Registration Drive,” said SAVE the BOOM!!! ( founder, Fred Karger. “Joel Herzer has always been a leader in Laguna, and his help in our campaign to register gay voters and our friends is spectacular. He has lots of exciting things planned over the weekend and we will be there in force with many volunteers to help register new voters!”

The schedule for the Voter Registration Weekend Blitz will be published in a few days, but be sure that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there will be lots of excitement and good times at Woody’s,” concluded Karger.

Are YOU registered to vote?