Well, the fourth of July long holiday weekend is upon us and these are the four days we are targeting to hit laguna beach with our petitions to SAVE the BOOM!!!

please try and volunteer 1 or 2 hours (there are 96 hours making up this long weekend!) to help us get signatures. we will be setting up tables at different times throughout the weekend at the 3 large supermarkets in town, pavilions, Ralphs, and Albertsons. we hope to have a pair of volunteers at the tables outside these stores.

additionally, we will be hitting the beaches, downtown, and walking door to door in some of the neighborhoods.

please come by my place to pick up your clipboard, pen, petitions, materials, and a Free www.savetheboom.com cool t-shirt (FREE to all petition drive volunteers).

refreshments will be served. and we will have plenty of cape cods on hand in support of a similar effort that occurred in Provincetown, Massachusetts last summer that was successful in keeping the boat slip hotel and bar from being torn down by a Chicago developer and replaced by condos.

the petition drive has really picked up steam the past couple of weeks, but we want to make a big push over the weekend when Lagunas will be out and about and there will be lots of visitors in town as well.

thank you very much for your help to SAVE the BOOM!!!