Los Angeles City Councilman to Serve as Co-Chair of SAVE the BOOM!!! Campaign

Bill Rosendahl Joins Robert Gentry in Top Spots

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – Respected Los Angeles City Councilman, Bill Rosendahl today joined the grassroots citizens’ effort to preserve the historic Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn in Laguna Beach was announced today by SAVE the BOOM!!! Founder, Fred Karger.

“I have been going to Laguna Beach since 1981,” stated Rosendahl, “I want to continue to come back to the Laguna I know and love just as I have been doing for the past 25 years. This club and hotel are an integral part of the community and they should be there for future generations.”

“The Boom Boom Room is steeped in history. It is the oldest continuously operating gay bar in the western United States and is viewed as a landmark by the gay community. It must be preserved!”

“I am honored to do whatever I can to help in this campaign. Laguna has always been a special place to me for a lot of reasons. It is known worldwide as a wonderful, compassionate city that has embraced diversity for over 100 years. I hope that Laguna Beach City leaders will help us in our campaign to SAVE the BOOM!!!”

Bill Rosendahl is the first openly gay man elected to the Los Angles City Council and is currently the only openly gay elected official in the city of Los Angeles – see photo attachment. He is serving in his first term and was elected in 2005. Bill Rosendahl joins former Laguna Beach City Councilman and 3 time Mayor, Robert F. Genty as Co-chair of this effort.

“I am so pleased to serve with Bill Rosendahl,” said Bob Gentry. “He is a bold, courageous and decisive leader and I am honored to serve side by side with him to help preserve this landmark. I am hopeful that we can help create a public-private partnership with the city, the property owner, and the gay community to preserve not only this building but gay life in Laguna Beach.”

Bob Gentry served on the Laguna Beach City Council from 1982 to 1994 and was the first openly gay Mayor in the United States.