Mini DOCUMENTARY DONE!!! – “Saving the Boom” is on Current Television /

Here is the Link:

Thank you Film Maker Extraordinaire, John Keitel, amazing Editor Tyler Gillett and their team at Shelter Productions. You have made an absolutely incredible film. It’s fun, very moving and sexy. I wish the world could see your documentary, wait a second, now it can! Special thanks go out to Sarah Evershed, Outreach Associate at Current — our mini–doc (documentary) is now posted for all to see. Thank you Sarah, who came to Laguna to shoot some of the film, and is a true angel.

Film Maker, John Keitel (lower right) shooting Photographer, Cris Lapp (upper right) shooting Michael – Mr. March — for the 2008 Men of Beach Laguna Calendar

Please take just a few minutes to view this short documentary and pass the link along to your email lists. Help us spread our story as we work to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!


John filming SAVE the BOOM!!! Treasurer, Shane Miller in downtown Laguna

Click on the link:

John and Sarah filming outside the Boom

And feel free to add a comment just below where you watch the film. Thanks very much.

Happy Viewing!

Fred Karger

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